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  • Winamp:

    Visiting Morph Zone to see MorphOS Progress, there is discussion of "AmigaAmp" (Winamp) and a mentioning about how installing Winamp was unsuccessful with recent Windows reinstallation. I am surprised to hear this name Winamp again, I researched it thoroughly. It was developed by Nullsoft until Version 3, and then AOL until 2014, which was sold to "Radionomy" and not updated since. It seems in AOL era, they deliberately skipped version 4 with the very immature reason of "Our software is available in various skins, but nobody wants to see any Winamp 4 Skin."

    The typical U.S.A. / West "Point And Giggle" response towards Foreskin or anything else to do with the body, so badly that software developers are skipping version 4.

    I am glad I switched to VLC.

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    Oh, I didn't know they skipped version 4.
    I started using that player in the late 90's when the MP3 phenomena started and everybody at my university were like crazy ripping music CDs into the new digital, 10x-less-space format. Winamp became very popular because it was the first player for Windows able to decompress and playback digital music in MP3 format on a "Pentium 1" microprocessor running at roughly 100 MHz (any smartphone nowadays has a very superior computing power), and that was so cool back then.

    > nobody wants to see any Winamp 4 Skin.
    > so badly that software developers are skipping version 4.

    I don't know why the name of one of its features was given such of an importance. The ability to switch skins (change application appearance) was only one of its features, but mainly Winamp was a very lightweight MP3 music / video player, suited for computers with low resources.

    Being a software developer, I can assure you that the version numbering of applications is not always a decision of the development team in a software company. Sometimes it comes from upstream (e.g. the need to publish a new version at any cost even if there's nothing new in functionality).
    In the "Winamp 4 Skin" case, I guess someone at AOL forced the team to move directly to version 5. A typical stupid order that sometimes we developers are forced to comply with in order to keep our jobs. A stupid order anyway.
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