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Wikipedia: True intactness rate

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  • Science Monk
    Maps of Circumcision Incidence Worldwide:
    World maps showing the incidence and distribution of male genital cutting (circumcision) and female genital cutting.

    The Circumcision Statistics Folder in the CIRP Library (for English-speaking Countries):
    A menu page of pages containing circumcision statistics.

    Map of US States that reimburse doctors for circumcision under Medicaid:$$$.html

    Incidentally, the Luo tribe of East Africa - the tribe to which Pres. Barack Obama owes his ancestry on his father’s side - is traditionally a non-circumcising culture. However, the Luo engage in another form of genital mutilation know as “frenulum tying,” where the frenulum is ablated. The Luo also have a tradition of knocking out six teeth on the lower palate as a sign of tribal affiliation.

    Frenulum tying:

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  • In_Correct
    started a topic Wikipedia: True intactness rate

    Wikipedia: True intactness rate

    Where can I find sources saying how many men are Intact vs. Butchered? I am also wondering which tribes are Intact and which ones are Butchered. I can easily find the tribes in image search because they aren't tagged with Intact, while it is very difficult to find a text citation. Biased Doctors on Wikipedia and will police every information that is not sourced. If you know which websites and which books can be used as sources, please add them to Wikipedia, or at least tell me because I have not yet found the information.