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Has anyone tried Virtual Reality?

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  • Has anyone tried Virtual Reality?

    I've been following the development of VR since the Oculus Rift kickstarter campaign in 2012. I acquired the Oculus Rift CV1 headset in June 2016, and it was everything I expected and more.

    One of my favorite things to do in VR is pilot aircraft. in particular, flying WWII aircraft in the game Warthunder. The cockpits are incredibly detailed, and with the stereoscopic 3D effect, you essentially get to experience the same subjective visual and audio sensations as actual WWII pilots. It's like looking through a pair of goggles into another world. My family and friends have tried it, and are completely blown away. Attached is a video of one of my experiences in Warthunder. I hope to upload more in the future!

    So, how about you guys? do you own VR headsets? what are your thoughts on this increasingly affordable technology?

    Warthunder arcade match. Using the Oculus Rift CV1, flying a P51 Mustang with four 20mm cannons. Managed to score 4 kills.

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    I've been following VR as well, although haven't brought anything yet. I have a PS4 so was thinking of getting Sony's version of VR for that at some stage. Maybe when V2 comes out. Unfortunately / fortunately depending on how you look at it, currently renovating the house and if I brought one I'll spend my time playing that instead of painting and tiling. :-) Such is life. Anyway, love the whole idea of VR especially now that the tech is actually a lot more useable / wearable and of course affordable to the average gamer. Of course it has other applications, e.g. you could be virtually at a concert on the other side of the world and get the experience close to actually being there (perhaps without the cold, being squashed in the crowed and the t-shirt). All it would take is for someone to set up a VR camera and stream from that.

    I have to admit, the video of Warthunder looks good, I'll have to put it on my list of games to get next. I have to admit so far I only get through about 2 games per year, simply because of time, so always looking for the good ones.


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      I used to be a VR dev back in college as we had our own stereo CAVE and I've also done mobile software engineering for AR/VR. I do follow it closely. I have a Oculus DK1 which I used when it was out, but not so much anymore. I had access to a personal Samsung VR Gear for my S6 at my last company and I never got around to hooking up the Vive that was bought last summer as I was building a VR test scene which had multi IP video feed decode issues so I scrapped it.

      Aside from that, I would like to get a Vive at some point, but I have a few other projects lined up first which require my funding. AR/VR is a wonderful technology and I'm excited for where it takes us next.


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        I feel like I'm living in virtual reality everyday.