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Penis Transplants for Vets

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  • Penis Transplants for Vets

    In case you haven't heard the news, it is apparently possible to transplant a penis and doctors at Johns Hopkins are set to perform the 1st in the US.

    While they are doing this for mostly humanitarian and patriotic reasons (in order to "restore" genital functionality) for our injured vets, the procedure raises some interesting possibilities for those men who want larger and or uncut dicks.

    If the procedure ever becomes "elective" and affordable enough (cost is now estimated at $200-400k) would you consider getting a penis transplant to regain a "natural" uncut dick? Frankly, I think it would and I'm not afraid to admit that I wouldn't mind if the donor dick was a little larger too. LOL!!!

    Doctors at the Johns Hopkins Medical Campus hope to improve the lives of wounded veterans by performing the first-ever penis transplant in the U.S.

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    How about the ethnic origin of the donor, would that be of any concern?


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      While the admin is apparently snoozing, I'll address this:

      I know this is just forum noise, the article. It expresses two concerns:

      1. They are using cadaver tissue and structure, so anti rejection drugs are a life-long necessity in all of this, assuming the patient's body doesn't just reject that penile structure anyhow (which does happen more often than the layman, ie public, is aware of). How do I know this? I'm not a fucking layman . And;

      2. The article quotes a representative expressing the fact that a lack of sensation is a big concern. No sensation. Do you want that? Along with the drugs, and the life-long potential for system-wide infection? Do you know what anti-rejection drugs do to you? Think about it before YOU reject what you have currently, naturally. Circumcision didn't destroy you. That's the fucking bullshit rhetoric you find here (or will, soon). You have most of what you were born with. Naturally, with more than a little sensation. So restoration 'our way' is so much of a TRUE boon.

      Poorly understood (even by the pros), pie-in-the-sky experimental science, plainly stated, just isn't a slam-dunk benefit, or easily effected, or even possible at all, for any specific individual.

      None of this will become elective in our lifetime, and most likely never will. Why? Why should it. This procedure, the experimental aspect of it aside, is for catastrophic situations. Not you, not me, and certainly not the average dysfunctional idiot who pins all his failure at life on what really is a small piece of tissue, or tries to blame others' dysfunction on that same small area. Ridiculous. It takes a small and clueless mind to focus on a small area. Plain and simple.

      Get real folks.

      And because it will come up sooner or later, listen to the deep and ongoing silence (and watch the tumbleweeds roll by in the vast emptiness) of the so-called "regeneration" myth, if you're up to a little perspective. No easy answers, no easy science, and non existent technology. Gee, just a real rosy picture.