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    Trimming for me - tis' a like a Christmas tree, only more festive.


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      After a long time going au natural, I went back to waxing a couple days ago. This time I used Sally Hansen Extra Strength All-Over Body Wax and a cheap Vena Beauty wax warmer. It was by far the easiest waxing experience I've had so far as I was able to take off large areas of hair with minimal pain. (Disclaimer: I recently changed medications and they might be acting as a pain reliever.) The paper strips provided are semi-reusable: if they aren't saturated with hair, you can reapply them quickly to pick up hair that was left behind or areas you haven't waxed yet.

      I mentioned it earlier, but waxing works great for me because I get a much better grip when tugging or retaining. I did a little bit of tugging yesterday and am up to a CI-4 under bad conditions and CI-7 under good conditions. I know I still have a long way to go, especially tugging inner skin, but it's nice to begin to feel better about my body.


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        I take a chance to go completely natural.., I put a brush To my thick pubic bush.. It can be a conversation piece, but when my penis is flaccid it looks like an acorn in the bush.. I'm 5" x 5".. Just about at the lower end of average, .Only had one female who I was intimate with that might have had more pubic hair than me... Not much hair grows on the shaft of my penis.. hi..


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          Love to leave the bush. I used to really spend time manscaping. I would rather not deal with ingrown hairs. sometimes I trim when I am feeling saucy 😂
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          It's worth it boys. Keep going!


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            I just got a single-blade razor that I use in the shower. I always wind up touching-up my face and neck with my electric afterward but it's SOO much quicker overall, and smoother.

            Anyway, I discovered it's very easy and safe (so far) to de-hair the shaft (dorsal near the base) with the blade. WAY smoother than the electric, probably not as smooth as plucking.
            -Ron Low
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              I was actually wondering if there was anything like this. Glad to see it. I clean shave my shaft and my balls, as well as the hair in my inner thighs to each side of my penis leaving a large patch of manicured pubes. I also shave my butt like once every couple weeks (naturally don't have a hair butt) I just feel like its much cleaner. But the rest of my body I leave alone. I like being hairy and my fiance doesn't mind it. I'm pretty extreme though like I use hair masks and stuff on my public hair and I also shower twice a day because I want it to be clean. Im in a sexually active relationship though so I always want it to be clean and comfortable for her. I would never let my girl go down there if I wasn't trimmed up and smelling nice down there.