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How old were you when you learned you were circumcised?

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    I must have been around 10 in the locker room with a family member. I saw his uncircumcised penis and thought it looked so saggy and that it was messed up. I went in the stall to change so he wouldn’t be embarrassed around a normal penis like mine. Then I wondered if he thought it was me who was hiding my penis. Then for a split second i wondered, maybe it really is me who is hiding my penis. I never thought about it again, and didn’t link it to circumcision. When I was in grade eight my friend asked me if I was circumcized and I jokingly responded “only 10 times.” I didn’t know at that point I’ve had a tight circumcision and that the “only ten times” answer may have had some truth to it. I knew I was circumcized by then but I didn’t know what I meant to be circumcized other than that it looks different to be circumcized. Then in college I hung out naked in a sauna with some friends and one of my friends had an uncircumcised penis and I was drawn to looking at it somewhat , like it was mysterious to me. In my twenties or around 30 I learned about circumcision in a philosophical way, and was happy I was circumcized, still having no clue what the foreskin is, because I believed it made me smarter to be circumcized because I had heard that 40 percent of Nobel prize winners were circumcised whereas only 15 percent of worlds population was circumcized. Then when I was 33 I saw a sign that said circumcision removes 15 square inches of skin , and it made me think “what the $#@&”, And for the next months I read all the stuff intactivists say , and during those days is when I truly learned that I am circumcized, what it means to be circumcized . and to some extent I’m still learning What it means to be circumcized.


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      Warning, wall of text... TLDR - I'm a slow learner

      My penis was always uncomfortable. Diapers, naked, bath, underwear... never felt comfortable and got yelled at a lot for messing with it all the time.

      Around like 3-4 i got to play outside more in the winter without the constant supervision making me go in to warm up. I learned that shrinkage and the skin contraction that went along with it felt awesome and i liked the look of it better. I tried pulling on the skin some, but it didn't stretch or stay put. I didn't understand what it would take to see any growth. Ugh, maybe that'll grow too as i grow up?

      it was in the bible. I didn't understand why anyone would do that to their baby or even an enemy! Sacrificing an animal or covering a door in blood seemed better. How could you do that to somebody?!

      Occasionally some of the out of town relatives would go to Grandmas, and i remember that topic coming up a few times. I couldn't understand why anyone would have part of a penis chopped off, especially to someone they loved. I remember a few times some cousins asking me if i was, and i'd had some responses i'd rationalized like how i couldn't have been since "my parents loved me too much to ever do something like that!" Or ''because my parents were both in the medical field and were too smart to do that since they would know what's involved" "my mom worked labor and delivery, she knows what that is, she'd NEVER let someone do THAT!" ... Also remember one time grandma overheard one of these and had some reaction like "Oh you aren't?" And laughing. Then wouldn't answer about why.

      I had lots of allergies and sinus/throat problems, they decided i needed my tonsils out. Then started getting obsessed with my penis and asked about that C word. My mom said "He doesn't need that!" I thought they must be stupid because penis and throat didn't have anything to do with each other, and thought that my mom was trying to protect me

      There was a doctor visit where for some reason the doc felt the need to mess with my penis and roll the skin down? He asked if i'd had any problems with it, Not really but the skin was short and wanted to know if there was a way to grow more. They laughed and moved on to asking if i'd ever been molested, and gave some weird explination about like Touching and Needles and it just confused me more.

      At one point i found a magazine that had a set of pics with an inter-ratial couple, and his penis looked different than mine. Maybe penises looks different in addition to skin color? No, my best friend was that color, but his still looks like mine? Maybe that's what an adult penis looks like? No, my dads looks like mine with a bob ross wig.

      Then i was 12 when i was cleaning out stuff in my room, and wedged between some bigger books i found a babies first year calendar my mom had kept of me. It started off "12th i was born. It took X hours. It hurt", "13th i was circumcised, it hurt.'', "14th, this is the first day that didn't hurt! Maybe this isn't so bad" Oh my god. My parents did THAT to me? They knew it would hurt me and did it anyway?

      Everything started to make more sense, and i got incredibly depressed for a long time. (Still not over it) Penis outgrows skin ever more, steals mobile skin from scrotum and abdomen when hand. Masturbation gets to where it takes absolutely forever. Lots of feelings about being broken and not good enough for anyone because of it. Sensitivity goes from 'Too sensitive all the time' to 'freeballing with exposed glans on denim doesn't even register as bothering me'

      Summer between highschool and college i finally had a summer that wasn't so structured, i started trying to find out what i could do to fix myself. Search engines weren't very good. 'Foreskin stretch' , 'grow foreskin', 'fix penis'... somehow eventually ended up finding the magical keyword and started restoring that day!!!
      Saying someone is "Unmutilated" is like saying "Unsweet Tea". So you mean it's just Tea, in its natural state, that nobody has screwed up? It can't be Un- anything