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    Blast from the Past

    In 2012 a member wrote:
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    Not sure where else to post this.

    Over time, I've seen many people post similar thoughts on this subject. I strongly believe that being circumcised gives straight men an unnatural insecurity regarding their sexual identity and an aversion to physical contact with other men, and even an inability to have non-sexualized physical contact with women.

    Being circumcised in an intact culture, I can see that most of my fellow straight guys here have absolutely none of that stereotypically American insecurity. They freely hug each other in public, even a kiss on the neck to greet a guy isn't rare. (I'm actually talking about straight guys here, not gay or bi!)

    This also ties in with my experienced seeming inability to even talk to most women I find sexually attractive. I'm either in almost a "rapist-like" mindset (staring like I'm stealing something instead of freely admiring), or I have to constantly emphasize that I'm not a sexual threat. Intact guys around me never seem to have those problems, at least never to the same extent as me.

    This is something that has come to bother me a great deal ever since I first started paying attention to it. I often have the feeling that women I find attractive feel sexually threatened on a subconscious level, and in fact I regularly catch myself staring at them as a masturbatory prop. Most guys I know instead admirewomen's bodies, which most women have absolutely no problem with.

    I have been convinced for some time now that being circumcised can lead to a severe social retardation, which imo can be observed in American men, as widly presented in American popular culture.
    -Ron Low
    [email protected]
    847 414-1692 Chicago

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    Dear straight men hugging writer: you state that you are convinced that being circumcised can lead to severe social retardation, rape-culture, etc. I assert without any evidence presented here (there are lots of sites that will back up my claim), that the more direct way to get beyond the "rapist-like" mindset, is to become part of a social nudity community. These resources are a start:
    I wish you well in seeing beyond person's bodies and connecting with them on a genuine level.
    Cheers. --Griff
    Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.
    --Margaret Mead, US anthropologist & popularizer of anthropology (1901 - 1978)


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      I know this thread is months old but it is the first time I read it. If I may add to this discussion:

      I too have noticed these behaviours that I don't see every man doing, most likely because they are circumcised and / or raised in a reclusive household:

      + Has no problem with taking his shirt off.
      + Says he does not like to wear shirts,
      + Has no problem with any person looking at anywhere on his body
      + Takes frequent pictures of his muscles with no shirt,
      + weight trains with no shirt,
      + At a minimum takes updated pictures showing he gained weight in muscle,
      + Flexes biceps in pictures, usually with shirt,
      + Him (and friends) pose with shirts lifted, touching with one of their own fingers one of their own nipples.
      + took a few pictures close up of abs including belly button.
      + Flexes with other athletic men, pictures, none wear shirt,
      + Smiling frequently,
      + is very energetic,
      + Has his tongue out, pictures.
      + in some occasions, points his tongue toward the direction of another man,
      + one man collapse in exhaustion which happens to be on top of the man, and the man will stick his tongue out towards his direction, takes picture,
      + wrestling other men, close combat, no shirt,
      + also made films of the wrestling,
      + does human flag exercise, no shirt, takes picture,
      + enjoys doing backflips, from ladder, bed of truck, or on level ground four backflips in a row, takes films,
      + also has unusually large calve muscles, takes picture,
      + he and his team wins the football state championship,
      + becomes a lifeguard,
      + wears sandals with no socks in pictures,
      + somebody took a picture of him Adjusting Himself (hand down pants) no shirt, no shoes, and the guy in the picture posted this picture anyways.
      + sometimes swims in boxer briefs (cotton), boxer briefs (compression shorts), or wearing both at the same time
      + has a picture near water with two other guys, the two other guys have swim trunks, he is wearing underwear and his dick so happens to be exposed ... it looks intact but the picture is not high enough resolution to know for certain. I am not going to ask him. I have never asked anybody and I don't think I will.
      Could be intact, could be raised in a very outgoing household, could be both.
      But other people (most likely other circumcised people) consider this to be homosexual behaviour. Even though other nations populations of intact heterosexuals have similar behaviours.
      same guy
      + kisses a girl, posts picture
      + tells everybody about his recent sexual intercourse, extremely excited,
      + posts a picture no shirt, pants unzipped, dick erect (but not exposed), can't stand up completely, caption at the edge of the picture says "I just had sex and it felt so good." has his middle finger out because he just had sex,
      has glowing look on his face, smiling
      + has a daughter now even though at the time he was barely out of high school.

      although he had not enrolled in University, he seems to be very successful in everything else, which I believe part of the reason is being intact.

      Here is an example of another guy who I believe is intact but I never asked him and I never will.

      + This guy is extremely short, but acts tough,
      + Does smile, but not very often,
      + is into boxing and MMA,
      + does not wear shirts often,
      + says he does not like to wear shirts,
      + puts fuel in his truck with no shirt,
      + posts numerous pictures of his muscles, no shirt,
      + his entire behaviour, facial expression, etc. suggests he is proud, brave, tough, confident, and will destroy anybody who opposes him.
      + his parents are from a background that from what I have read (I never ask.) they do not circumcise their children.

      The other guy comes from a similar background but different origin. Nether come from a traditional pro-circumcision environment.
      These two cannot possibly be a coincidence. I very much believe they are intact.
      And just like the article that Admin reposted, any friends I have had behave very similar to the two I have described. And also very similar to Other Parts Of The World. However, I have not witnessed any guys kissing on the neck, ear, forehead, hands, etc. Meanwhile other guys (who I suspect are circumcised) are very emotionally unstable, drink and / or smoke much more often, are very uptight, avoid contact with other men, both eye contact and physical contact. They do not like wrestling, and if a man (especially a muscular man) has no shirt or even wipes sweat off of forehead (exposing his abdomen) the insecure man / men will berate him.


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        Ron, glad to see that you are reviving some of the lost threads from the old board, as I have been doing lately. I think that French Porn and Intact Forseskins are also worthy topics to revive, as I have stated in my own revivals of these posts.

        When I first saw the title of this thread, I thought I had seen it during my recent surfing of the Way Back Machine.