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  • ED - Other men's problem

    Hi, guys! Yesterday I have problems with erections... It was for the first time and I really can't imagine what was the reason of this! Have someone same problem? What should I do?

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    I think pretty much every guy has that happen, at least, once in their lifetime. If it happened only a single time, I would suggest just forgetting about it. If you, for example, start stressing about it and fixating on it, it could lead to a self-fulfilling prophecy where your stress causes ED, then the ED increases your stress, and on and on...

    If this continues to happen, a quick trip to the doctor will set you up with some medication like Viagra or Cialis. They will likely test your testosterone levels, so you may get a different kind of treatment if your levels come back low.

    If, for some reason, doctor and meds are not an option, the following can also help: reducing or eliminating masturbation, stop viewing pornography (if you do so. Especially if you do so regularly), stop any use of tobacco products, and verify that ED is not a known side effect of any medication(s) you currently take.

    Good luck!


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      I was just going to suggest you try restoration, but upon viewing your profile I realized you are Russian and intact! Yeah, go see a doctor, get your T levels and your circulation checked. I would seek out other alternatives to Viagra or other ED meds. You don't want to be a slave to that little blue pill. Na Zdorovie! (Sorry, no Russian keyboard)


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        TV doctors are always saying erection quality is a measure of cardiovascular health. I think hormones obviously play a role as well, but hormone levels are influenced by some of the same things that affect CV health.

        I had a spell of a few weeks within the last year when my erection would diminish in the middle of intimacy, and not for lack of enthusiasm. Before I got around to seeking medical treatment the problem went away.
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          My husband had the similar problem, he try one drug which recommend his friend. He was content with it and I was too. I leave here link to website where he bought it. I hope it'll help you.


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            I went to the Doc's with a similar problem. As I am 72 years of age, it is to be expected I suppose. I got a regular prescription of Viagra free on our wonderful UK National Health Service. The blue pill and my fully-restored faux skin are doing wonders for our continued sex life into old age. The Doctor made me smile when she told me her "measure of concern over erectile dysfunction problems"

            She asked me "What is the difference between anxiety and panic?"

            "Anxiety is the first time you can’t get it up for the second time. Panic is the second time you can’t get it up for the first time"

            My Doc is a great lady