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TRIPLETS all become autistic within hours of vaccination

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  • TRIPLETS all become autistic within hours of vaccination

    For those of you who see parallels between the circ issue and the vaccine issue:

    From (posted December 23, 2018):

    TRIPLETS all become autistic within hours of vaccination:

    The 12:44 (min:sec) video of the parents telling their story keeps being deleted from the web. If you want to see it, don't delay.

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    The intactivism movement should not be associated with the anti-vaccination movement.

    I'm going to flag your post. I mean no personal disrespect or animosity, but at the same time, I want you to know that the views you are promulgating are a danger to both children and society at large.


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      Originally posted by eeeee View Post
      The intactivism movement should not be associated with the anti-vaccination movement.
      I agree with this.

      I visited the website just for kicks and here's a gem I found in a different article: "Vaccines secretly turn humans into cannibals." This website is not a reputable news source, they're a group of people trying to make money through fear mongering gullible people.

      Scientific consensus is that vaccines don't cause autism. The study that originally made the claim was found to have heavily manipulated data samples and significant conflict of interest, that study has since been retracted from publication and the author is no longer allowed to practice medicine. That's how bad the original study was, these decisions aren't made lightly.

      There's something else I could say, but I don't want to be accused of personal attack of a certain username.


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        The OP almost sounds like a spam post about Viagra or other some such off topic issue that I would normally just delete. However, given the subject and the poster, I will simply close it. /there is no credible evidence that vaccines cause autism that I have seen, and the site linked is clearly full junk and fake fearmongering. I am closing this thread. Thank you for the alerts.


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          Any medical intervention may be ethically imposed with only proxy (parental) consent IF waiting for the patient's own consent would lead to net harm, and WHEN less-destructive options are exhausted. Forced genital cutting on healthy male, female, or intersex children fails this test decidedly. Most vaccines pass with flying colors.

          In Western societies, parents are the ones entrusted to weigh the pros and cons and do the fuzzy math on what the net harm of each course of action is.

          Circumcision alters sex dramatically. No medical association endorses forced genital cutting. Nearly all endorse the vaccines required in a typical US school district.
          -Ron Low
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