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The TRUE Origin of Circumcision - The Annunaki?

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    Originally posted by salamander6773 View Post
    If the earth was any closer to the sun, we would be dead. If the atmosphere was any different than it is, we would be dead. If the earth's rotation and/or distance from the sun was any different, we would be dead.
    I think it is more correct to say we never would have lived.

    Originally posted by salamander6773 View Post
    Considering that all other planets and moons seem uninhabitable, lifeless, void balls of gas and dust... Don't you think it is odd that earth even exists?
    I certainly don't find it odd. The earth made us. We are the product of evolution in response to a gradually changing environment, including the other species co-evolving with us. We can say life is rare, except we don't know that. Hundreds of billions of galaxies with hundreds of billions of stars each may have given rise to - or at least play host to - life in dizzying variety we can't imagine.

    Originally posted by salamander6773 View Post
    Scientists use time as their magic wand
    Scientists make testable predictions and those ideas that are never proved false are taken as the today's best guess of the truth. I wouldn't characterize it as magic or illusion.

    Originally posted by salamander6773 View Post
    each animal is so terrifically engineered, with special abilities and colors. Being so different from each other in design and purpose.
    I think the purpose is only to exist in the environment. I think the environment is the designing force.

    Originally posted by salamander6773 View Post
    This is a cursed earth, but to any reasonable person, it was created.
    I feel quite reasonable. I don't see a curse and I don't see nature as the creation of any single entity.

    Originally posted by salamander6773 View Post
    You know what is absurd? Evolution, the big bang theory, and eugenics. The favorite ideas of liberal nazi fascists that push homosexuality, drugs, and communism down our throats like bad medicine.
    I find it highly offensive that you group evolution, the big bang theory, and eugenics. It disrespects the brilliant thinkers who gave us insight into the process of evolution and SEPARATELY into the properties of the early universe. And I only wish I could guess what you're on about with fascists supposedly pushing homosexuality.

    It is the opinion of this forum that individuals have a human right to pursue happiness, that humans naturally exist with a variety of sexual preferences, and that any expression of sexuality that involves informed consent is a source of joy we should celebrate.

    If your aim is to demonize forum guests I'll be happy to move you to a section where our guests won't have to see that.
    -Ron Low
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      I am sorry for offending some users here. I do believe what I wrote.

      Fact is, as lawlessness increases, so do the murders, abortions, and drug epidemics. Lawlessness has it's roots in denying the existence of God.

      Without God, there are no longer rules, and one can simply do whatever one wants to do.

      Satan has made it so that Christianity has remained a counterculture movement. He has created a world where academia continually brainwashes the minds of our children, telling them that there is no God. Evolution is the perfect vehicle to destroy one's faith in God.

      Hitler used it to explain his stance on the eradication of the Jews.

      Scientists today continue down this path of self destruction, claiming that we not only evolved, but came "OUT OF AFRICA". A totally nonsensical and RACIST theory.

      If you look into some of the things I have written about, you will find that salvation is a narrow path, which few find and that truth is trampled on by pigs as they turn to tear you to pieces.

      I appreciate science and all that we have gained from it. But there is real science, and there is the fakery that is pushed on us, when none of it is even demonstrable.

      My feelings won't be hurt if I am blocked or removed from discussion. I have a rather eclectic set of views, if they offend you, you shouldn't have to read them. But when lawmakers are trying to allow people to kill an innocent baby as it is removed from it's mother's womb, you must realize that we are not so much different than the Mayans, and the Canaanites who sacrificed their children to demonic entities.

      How can you not see the signs of the times? Millions of innocent babies are being ripped from their mother's wombs each year. And your society justifies it.

      The powers that be are beginning to censor ideas and thought as if we are living in Orwell's 1984 novel. Have you committed a thought crime recently?

      Try to worship in China, or other socialist countries. See how long you last without giving your worship to the state. Look at Europe, pretty soon, all non-Muslims may be illegal.

      Hand over your guns, and your freedom too.

      Our faith is what makes us human, take that away and we have no use, our purpose is gone. We are empty vessels, worthless, thrown into the fire.