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Feeling Down About Penis Size

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  • Feeling Down About Penis Size

    I know I shouldn’t worry about something I can’t do anything about, but I’m feeling defective, unconfident,
    and frustrated related to penis size. Today I was getting some exercise in the park and I noticed that most of the other walkers/runners seemed to have a lot of dick flopping around or bulging out. I think I’ve always been envious of that. I wonder if there are a lot of other men out there that are smaller sized, but it’s just not known or hidden away because there seems to be a lot of shame in being less than average below the belt. Nobody really admits to having a small penis.

    Smaller size has also hindered restoring. I’ve had trouble keeping some devices on because my shaft doesn’t allow for the device to be far away enough from my body to keep from being knocked off. I’ve been using the smaller CAT II device and it does stay on, but I’m ready now for a deep pusher for it be effective and it isn’t made in a smaller size.

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    I am sorry you are feeling down about your penis size. That can be tough, since you cannot do anything about it, unless it is due to not having enough skin to let it extend as far as It should. We all have to experiment to sort out what works best for us, so hang in there, consider different methods, and you will restore your foreskin. And, the moving skin is the real prize, as far as I have found.



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      I, for one, have empathy for your situation. If you notice, only two members here (including me) have responded to your post. I would guess that most guys feel under-gunned; it seems to be commonplace amongst males who are actually NORMAL sized ("normal" in the sense of a statistical norm). So, in the interests of the term "size", let's define what we're talking about:

      1. A lot of guys refer to "size" as length, (with the implication of sexual performance suffering from "short" lurking in the background). You imply this with your description of difficulty with a tugging device. Tugging devices are NOT the Standard of comparison you would want to use for "size". For tugging comfort, maybe, but not for pleasing a partner.

      2. In my experience, what is noticed favorably by women (hetero here) is girth, as in "you fill me up". Length can actually be quite problematic for women; too long can cause pain through thrusting contact with the uterus and the area just behind the uterus. So you may not have the problem you think you have, with reference to pleasing a partner physically.

      3. But you don't have to take the word of anyone here (we all think we're too small). What I would suggest is making an appointment (through your primary care physician) with a sex therapist. They can give you a good idea of what's normal, how prevalent the feeling of being "too small" is, etc. They've seen it all, and they have the information, studies, etc., to base an expert opinion on. This would include studies done on the female perception of what a "good sized" penis would be.


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          I think it's important to add that just like we don't control restoration, we don't control a patner's sexual response, be it physical or psychological/emotional. We are who we are, and the same applies to them. Real sexual response is complicated, doesn't rely on "size" unless your partner has fetishized size. Don't count out a partner's emotional response to you, whatever size you are, and their/your ability to experiment (if needed) to find something (position, etc) that works, and that's only if needed. I ain't King Kong (7 inches in length) and my female partners all knew what to do to help please themselves. "Short" isn't the end of the world, or some sort of judgement of you.


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            I identify with some of the points you have mentioned, I'm a "grow-er" not a "show-er"

            I'm not happy with my flaccid length or girth, and my erect dimensions are exactly and precisely average.

            To be honest, being circumcised bothers me more.

            Without telling you how to think and what to do, chin up and keep at restoring, you'll find a method or a device that you can work with, and confidence will come with time.

            Keep at it!


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              Thanks for the discussion guys. 7 inches sounds pretty big to me! I would consider myself extremely lucky if I could say I was average when erect, but I can’t. Ugh!

              Interestingly, the men I’m in a relationship with (I’m in a gay throuple) have never expressed any disappointment or mentioned anything negative about my dick. They’ve always seemed happy with my size. I think my size insecurities have more to do with what I think or expect from myself rather than from some external source.

              It’s good to think that moving skin is the “real prize” as mentioned above. Maybe I can redirect my size anxieties toward restoring instead and focus on that? At least it’s something I can work towards, although it is an exercise in patience. I’ve always hated the fact that I was circumcised, knowing that something was stolen from me. Right now I have enough skin to cover most of the glans most of the time, but still a long way to go.


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                Hi Martyn. Gay here too. Married. Ive seen a few dicks in my time and the recent studies on penis size confirm my experience. Average penis size is 5.2 inches. The large majority fall between 4 and six inches. When you observe your own penis you are looking down and not across at it. Likewise exposure to porn can give vastly inaccurate perceptions. Finally gay culture and body image worship can be downright dispiriting. I’m glad you report being in a loving and accepting relationship. Now get your sexy on and have some fun!


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                  Sorry about the link to female anatomy and referring to problems with length, OP, didn't realize you are gay . Here's to you feeling confident, with your partners and yourself.


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                    I read a lot about circumcision before I made the decision to restore. I came across several medical studies that reported that newborn male circumcision can result in smaller penis size. The couple of studies I read indicate a possible loss of length from 3/8 " to 1" in length. I think it would be very hard to prove this one way or the other but I am not a doctor or scientist. I had always been curious about whether or not mine would have been larger if I had not been circumcised. There was not a lot of mention of loss of girth so I wonder if that was determined minimal? I always thought genetics was much more the determining factor in penis size but circumcision might have an effect too.


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                      I know a guy who revealed to me that he has micro penis. His penis is a bit bigger than an average clitoris. He really resents that his family couldn't resist the urge to circumcise his obviously atypical anatomy. But apart from that he is an incredibly confident, popular, and inspiring guy. I've never asked what he gets up to with partners in the bedroom, but maybe being at the edge of the size spectrum frees him up to be unapologetically creative with toys and various modes of stimulation.
                      -Ron Low
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