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Baby Cutting vs Sterilizing Pets

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  • Baby Cutting vs Sterilizing Pets

    I am wondering what people's views are on the subject of sterilizing pets? On the one hand, there may be health benefits, but on the other side, it does feel weird to do that to an animal. And of course this raises the question, are there parallels with neutering and baby cutting? Thoughts?

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    I think both are equally cruel. I think a solution would just be give the pets chemical sterilization instead of cutting their sex parts off. The very thought gives me nightmares. What if an alien race invaded Earth, and decided that we are humans are cute to have as pets, and they are a lot larger than us, and they pick us up and kiss on us just like we do dogs, and cats, but then they take us to their version of "vets" and neuter us? That would be a nightmare. Alien kid: "Mom! Mom! I want that one! That female human is cute, she's got spots on her face!"(freckles) Alien mother: "Okay sweet thing, we will buy her, but we are taking her to the vet to neuter her so she does not get periods every month."


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        We humans are fallible and inconsistent. I am a vegan who, last year, bought a new leather belt and new leather Topsiders. Yes, neutering pets is not nice. But, putting unplanned and unwanted pets 'to sleep' is not nice, either. So, I say, the lesser of two evils is to neuter pets to reduce unplanned and unwanted offspring. On the other hand, I can think of no corresponding good reason to routinely circumcise infants; there is absolutely no medical need for the vast majority of such procedures.


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          I felt like a hypocritical shithead neutering my cat, but I feel it's one of those fucked up necessities you just have to go through with. He's an outdoor cat, and cats don't have the ability to learn abstinence, so the only ways to prevent a stray cat epidemic were either keep him trapped indoors or neuter him. He was born an outdoor cat and starts to freak out really quickly when confined, so neutering seemed less cruel for him.

          If it was a cat who was happy to live indoors and there were no females around, I'd leave him intact. Outdoor cat in a neighborhood where there's other outdoor cats around, gotta neuter him.


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            Hah! No disrespect intended but I didn't see you as a cat type. My wife has three and I find them totally huggable . Cats are usually quiet, clean, and ours have a definite sense of humor. If they came with their own bank account they'd be perfect. And of course I agree with your post, they have to be neutered if they go outdoors.

            Given what the OP has said in the past about torturing human beings, I find his immediate reference to animals disquieting (I used to have to listen to this kind of stuff). Ideation about torturing humans and animals (neutering animals is NOT torture, unless HE does it) is classic psychopathy. Just sayin'.


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              I am so glad you brought this point up. As a dog owner who was given his dog as a child at 14, I have vowed to never own another pet again. I love my dog to death but I can't believe what humans do to animals and think is normal and okay. Being spayed seems like torture to a being that doesn't know what it being done to them. Additionally, I constantly agonize over the fact that she was ripped away from her parents as a young pup for the sole benefit of us humans. It's so important that we as a society constantly question our decisions so that we don't keep mucking up the planet the way we have been. To answer your question more concisely, yes I think spaying/neutering a pet is equivalent to circumcising an infant. You are forcing an innocent being to undergo a medical procedure without their consent. Despite what people say about how easy it is to be a dog or cat who has constant access to food, love, and attention, I would not want to be in their shoes (paws?) and have been ripped away from my family and put under the knife for the benefit of another species.
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                Yes, some parallels, certainly, and differences of course. And not just sterilization, there are also ear, tail, and claw amputation to ponder if you want to. You might even be able to use this type of comparison to get some people on board with eliminating infant circumcision.

                Note that it is not just health benefits for the pet. I would say it is much more about making pets into what we want them to be for our desires. Animals do a number of things that we find problematic. Scratching furniture and people, marking their territory with strong smelling urine, having babies when we only wanted one pet, etc. Not to mention not meeting the breed's standards when you are trying to make money selling pure bred animals...



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                  I have 2 chocolate labs. An 11 yr old female and a 10 month old male. The female is spayed only so that I dont have to deal with 2x yearly blood spots and puppies. The male puppy is intact and will stay that way as he is SO good looking and I may pimp him out. I totally agree with Greg on other forms of cosmetic cropping as being cruel. To me its the same as circumcision. Spaying a female pet is the responsible thing to do due to the overabundance of unwanted pets. Euthanasia is more cruel. In some countries, like Sweden and Norway, it is actually illegal to neuter your pets and they dont have the excessive unwanted pet problem that we have here. As I said my boy Harry will keep his balls unless he has a problem. Then and only then will.we deal with it.
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                    Originally posted by greg_b View Post
                    And not just sterilization, there are also ear, tail, and claw amputation to ponder if you want to.
                    That there is the thing that pisses me off when it comes to pets. Sterilization is a harsh necessity to prevent overpopulation, but chopping things off just for looks or convenience is fucked up and definitely in the same category as circumcision.

                    More food for thought: If any of you guys eat meat (I do), you have to realize that you're not only cutting off an animal's balls, but their head too. Again, I think of it as simply being one of those harsh necessities of life. Everything's gotta eat. If you're a carnivore like a cat or dog then you have to kill. If you're omnivore like a human you can choose to reject meat, but keep in mind where your organic vegan food comes from: a farm that only exists because every natural life form that existed there was killed off and blocked from ever returning so they can grow veggies for humans.

                    Life is just a dirty ball game and everyone must do their best to make the right choices and stay alive. Inevitably we're all gonna make bad calls from time to time, like when your parents made the misinformed decision to remove your foreskin. Maybe adopting a cat or dog is a bad idea... or maybe not.

                    In my mind, if you're adopting from a shelter instead of a breeder you can't go wrong. That animal found itself here in this world with no place to live... it's only options are die in a cage or be saved by you. Even if you're a douchebag who chops it's tail off because you think tail stumps are cute, or if you're like me and consider neutering a harsh necessity... being alive and nurtured without your tail or balls is better than dying in a cage.

                    Adopting from a breeder is more questionable, because that person is cranking out animals for the sole purpose of making money, while all these animals who really need rescued are left to die. I would never adopt a pet from a breeder, but I'll take in an alley cat or adopt from a shelter for sure.


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                      I strongly support limiting pet population. But spaying and neutering is bloody barbaric. Humans choose vasectomy and tubal ligation for themselves. Absent very compelling evidence that these procedures were worse on balance for pet health I would choose these for my pet.

                      That said, my beloved intact Bichon bitch Kiko died miserably from breast cancer last spring at 14 years of age. The cancer was diagnosed a year and a half after she was spayed for a uterine infection.

                      We later learned that both the monthly topical flea prevention (it literally makes a dog's blood toxic to pests) and the anti-itch injections she got every spring list increased cancer incidence as a side-effect.
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                        I always wondered why people never started vasectomizing pets instead of neutering them. It's a far simpler and less risky procedure than outright castration, and doesn't interfere much with the animal's well-being.


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                          Originally posted by bagpipe_foreskin View Post
                          vasectomizing pets instead of neutering them.
                          I've spoken to some Europeans lately who say vasectomy is becoming preferred.

                          We have new puppies who will need to be infertile to mingle with other dogs. Our US vet said they don't have a vasectomy practitioner in the building but could recommend one. She didn't say it was a crazy idea.

                          So how's it going to go when my horny but infertile dogs are mounting all the bitches at the dog park?
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                            I'm not sure dogs and cats have the mental capacity to understand ethics and be aware that they are neutered/spayed. We humans are extremely self-aware. I'm definitely no vet (just some random guy on the internet), but the only advantage I can see of doing full castration on male dogs over a simple vasectomy is that it reduces the sexual desire in them. I had a dog that was never neutered, and it wasn't a huge problem. He would get super excited when around other dogs, but then calm down after a few minutes and it was fine after that. I think controlling pet populations is important, but spaying and neutering does make me uncomfortable being a victim of genital mutilation myself.


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                              Sterilizing pets non invasively is forgivably wrong, and sterilizing pets via castration and hysterectomy is sick. They relate because circumcising humans is sick .

                              edit - I have deleted a bunch of what I had written previously because I was talking about irrelevant stuff to the question
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