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Are Doctors Smart?

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  • Are Doctors Smart?

    Specifically pediatricians. It seems that in the united states they have been on the front lines of removing foreskins, tonsils, appendices and all kinds of different organs from children without their consent or good cause and without any sort of thinking or care of the long term implications of their actions. Beyond that it seems like anyone who has read a book on common childhood diseases could become a pediatrician and just refer anything else to a specialist, which is all they really do anyway.

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    Yes, I think they are smart. But, some of the smartest people are biased and do not make good decisions....

    No, I do not think being a pediatrician is as easy as reading a common book on childhood diseases. Nor would I take my children to someone with only those credentials.



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      Are internet posters "smart"? No, and they prove that every day. Are people "smart"? Yes, and no, fundamentally they're biased, as greg rightfully says (his is a great post). So-called "doctors" are just people. Groups of people have an identity they feel they have to defend, especially when they have put into that identity an incredible amount of time, effort, and sacrifice. So do their teachers. Do idiots on the internet set up their world in an us vs them mentality? Of course, that abounds and its done here all the time (an example is this thread).

      Let's put it this way: when you go on a flight and board the plane, do you want the pilot fly the plane, or the guy who de-ices the wings in the cockpit? Pilots are trained and experienced, the de-icer guy isn't trained to fly, just spray, BUT, there are a lot of de-icer grunts on the internet who will have you believe that they can fly. Not only can they NOT represent trained flight, they prove that with their attempted concepts and word choice. Language is everything, folks, that's why everybody tried to make you stay in school. The word "smart" is a dead giveaway. It is vague, uneducated, and mean nothing.

      Asking questions if fine, its great in fact, but the problem with it is that you have to know a little about the answer to even ask your question intelligently.


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        As K said in Men in Black... A person is smart. People are dumb, panicky, dangerous animals.

        Dumb, panicky, dangerous animals who hear that some kid somewhere got phimosis and instantly concluded that all foreskins must be done away with to prevent that happening to anyone else.


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          Yep, we've all seen what people are, with all the panic buying. That pretty much covers it. Although, I've also seen how reiieved and....kind..... people can be after they discovered they don't have to worry about self interests (when they found TP and paper towels on the shelf, lol). So..........complicated issue, is the human species. Overall I have to say I don't like or trust them much, not after having seen what they can do to each other, but rational thought mandates seeing as many positive aspects to them as you can (some days that's very difficult to do).