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Gone but not forgotten: FreddyS

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  • Gone but not forgotten: FreddyS

    I don't believe I ever interacted with FreddyS on the old forum, but I know his presence was sorely missed when he passed away. It's a shame that those condolences were lost, but someone (admin or not) should make a new topic for people to share their memories of him.

    I don't know if any other notable users passed away, but the same could be done for them as well.

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    Thanks for remembering our friend Freddy, who used to say "I was born with a foreskin, and I'm sure as hell going to die with one." He was proud to one of our oldest members in his 80s. His Facebook page persists:

    I'll move this from Suggestion Box to Le Bistro.
    -Ron Low
    [email protected]
    847 414-1692 Chicago


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      I remember chatting with him a few times. What a great guy he was. At least he left this world with a foreskin, just like he entered it. That's my philosophy too.
      He will be missed.


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        Alfred and I met several times over lunch, when he was visiting family in Phoenix. The last time he was here our group (NORM-Phoenix) took him on a wilderness hike northeast of town ... at Sycamore Creek. Somewhere, weeks before the hike, I mentioned the fact that he would be joining us, but when someone discovered Alfred's age, this person ridiculed the whole idea, of our trip, as hiking at Sycamore Creek isn't so much a matter of distance as it is of climbing up, over, and in among huge boulders, not to mention rock-hopping back and forth over the stream. A bit incensed I defended Alfred, saying what are a few boulders to someone who outdid the Gestapo.

        Sure enough .. he did great, and the expressions of joy and pride on his face in the photos we took after the hike demonstrate just how tough and resilient he was. And so it was a terrific shock to discover that he had died just a few weeks later. Sweet man, Alfred. You couldn't help but love him.

        N.B. And so it is with great sorrow that I have to report the death of another good restoring friend .. Duane J from Hawaii ... aka Kids Rights at He ran NORM-Hawaii for years, such as it was, but no kinder, thoughtful, and generous person could you ever hope to call friend. We both shared growing up on the wind-swept prairies of North Dakota, which is probably why he ended up in Hawaii and me in Arizona. However, it's heartbreaking to have lost my two best restoring friends in the world.