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That escalated quickly.

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  • That escalated quickly.

    We're here because Genital Mutilation is profitable.
    Most of us only made the mistake of being being born and having someone identify us as Male.

    Then a "Phimosis" diagnosis forced more men over here. Try a couple months of some steroid cream and stretching? Wait until puberty when skin and glans is supposed to begin seperating? No, those are FAR too radical, we must mutilate! Penis reduction is the only way!!!
    But you could keep all of the sexy nerves and unique structures if you stretch / taper it up with a series of expanders for somewhere between Free to Couple hundred dollars if you got every single product?

    This style of doctoring is such amazing bullshit. It got me to thinking about another procedure which has its uses but is also over done.

    Because i'd been put in shoes that didn't fit correctly growing up, they smashed my big toes toward middle of foot, and the big toenails had bent and grew at a sharp downward angle into toe instead of a normal smooth flat curve that sits mostly on top
    Years ago i had a 'Toenail Avulsion' performed on one due to fighting long term infections of the ingrown toenails. (Toe is numbed, doctor breaks up and rips off all of toenail. They also try to upsell into chemical burning out the nail bed so it won't ever regrow. Otherwise the nail will softly start to grow back, usually comes in different and thicker.)

    Or for under $100 you can prep the nail, glue a little Fiberglass leaf-spring to the top to counter the existing arch. Keep reapplying these composite braces for atleast a year until it flattens out. No surgery, no recovery. No boat payments or exotic vacations to providers.
    Ingrown toenail braces from CurveCorrect. Our ingrown toenail brace is the most effective treatment available for correcting ingrown toenails at home.

    Which i have used after dropping something on a toe and causing nail damage. Wish i'd known about it sooner!

    What other procedures do you know of that can be handled fairly easily instead of immediately escilating it to surgery?

    I'm not anti-medicine! I'm glad to have brilliant and well trained people doing most of what they do. But i do realize there are often better options than what gets pushed at time of service.
    Saying someone is "Unmutilated" is like saying "Unsweet Tea". So you mean it's just Tea, in its natural state, that nobody has screwed up? It can't be Un- anything

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    I like that phrase, “Penis reduction “. It’s less euphemistic than circumcision.


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      Originally posted by Frizzen View Post
      What other procedures do you know of that can be handled fairly easily instead of immediately escalating it to surgery?
      Wisdom tooth extraction is not usually needed. Dentists will show you x-rays of crooked looking teeth under the gums, but that's often a normal developmental phase, just like non-retractable foreskin is the normal natural state of a child's penis.
      -Ron Low
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