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Bad moms foreskin reference

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  • Bad moms foreskin reference

    Anybody else catch the whole intact male discussion in the movie bad moms?

    It goes the normal route of saying that uncut guys are gross and all that nonsense and is overall a very pro-circ seeming part of the movie. But there was also a part that one of them said something along the lines of "it's like a huge man clit if you give it attention it will cause a massive orgasm for the man"

    I thought this was interesting but it also kind of pissed me off. How many people understand the foreskin is a very sensitive organ with fine touch nerves rivaling that of a clit yet are still okay with men getting them removed as infants with no consent? Saying "It's like a man clit" yet uncut guys are "gross"? The fuck?

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    Well I am sometimes jealous too .......when watching some european porn and the man has that great intact equipment. Well I do more cheering on them like "Yeah foreskin rocks". I do appreciate the beauty and the function of the real foreskin, which propels me to keep on tugging for years.

    That scene in that movie may be a sign that America is starting to realize bout how circumcision is a very unecesary surgery. Anyways you can see them from the statistics. Well too bad there are still many male babies and young boys who are circed. I hope our message can go to every parent out there, but it still looks like even when some knows bout it they just wont listen.