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  • Some Thing That Helps Me Cope:

    Northern Exposure episode All Is Vanity.

    Treatment of Circumcision on TV (N - R) (

    I watch this episode a few times every month. This episode has three plots in it. However, in the few minutes about Circumcision, they portrayed as much as they could spanning misunderstandings in romantic relationships to demonstrating the apathy that you would encounter with Doctors in Circumcision Expected countries such as United States. When the Doctor character was successful in convincing his patient to stop, the actor portraying the doctor seemed to care as if he was an Intactivist him self. Notice his facial expression after his patient says the lines " All Is Forgiven. "

    Any ways it helps me cope. ... Some times this does also: Intactivism news (

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    Something which helped me to cope was to get a couple of tattoos put on my upper arms. Helped to divert atention away from my mutilated penis. My worst type of situation was in the locker room. Very few here (Europe) have been circumcised.
    Now, at last, I appear to be intact.

    Some of you may have had occasion to run into mathematicians and to wonder therefore how they got that way - Tom Lehrer