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Pharisee Circumcision(Mutilation) vs Biblical Circumcision

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  • Pharisee Circumcision(Mutilation) vs Biblical Circumcision

    Not sure this is accurate, but the idea of an all-knowing God can differentiate what is and what is not mutilation.

    The Pharisees in the Bible are known to add new laws and regulations distorting religion and scaring away people who may be interested. Religion is corrupted since immemorial but God

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    Just proves how we were all "fucked at the drivethru".


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      I disagree with the statement that religion is corrupt, but only that "organized" religion such as the photo you posted is. I also believe in karma as well... if you look at the world from a vantage that you can't change the past, but can change the future, the world and your life will have so much more meaning. That is the reason I chose to restore and I feel like I can speak for many people here. God did not make that poster of a "biblical circumcision"... man did and obviously didn't look at the bible before preaching. Its hypocrites like that which make this world shitty for us who went through that FUCKED UP DRIVETHROUGH!


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        Notably, according to the bible, Moses didn't have anyone circumcised during the 40 years in the desert. The practice was reinstated by Joshua.


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          Was someone already circumcised when he was called? Then he should not try to remove the marks of his circumcision. Was someone uncircumcised when he was called? He shouldn’t undergo b’rit-milah. - 1 Corinthians 7:18 (Complete Jewish Bible)

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            Orthodox Christian canon forbids circumcision. De-circumcisioning in and of itself does not beget eternal life, rather Christ does. Salvation comes through life in the Church more readily. I came to Orthodox Christianity while restoring. I figure I was in the process at the time, so I am free to continue as long as it does not interfere with my being saved throughout my life on this Earth.

            Be well and do not over-dwell on the matter. God is merciful. If you have questions, an Orthodox priest, bishop and the Orthodox Saints are the best people to turn to for further clarity.