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    I have to admit, I still suffer from a certain amount of penis anxiety. I've been sexualy active for years, but there are still many times that I feel awful and ashamed of myself. You would think because of some positive sexual experiences the anxiety would go away, but it doesn't. I have terrible
    "Shrinkage" sometimes. It's extremely uncomfortable; almost like what a man would imagine castration would feel like. Not the actual cutting, but being left with no genitals. I can't help but attribute these sensations to circumcision. I imagine that if I had all the thick tissue that was removed, I wouldn't have these sensations. It's like my dick goes into hiding sometimes. Intuitively, I already know the answers. I just really appreciate feedback. It's seems pretty obvious that removing a large amount of tissue from our genitalia would definitely produce these feelings at times. PE has helped alot. I have a thicker heavier hang during good times. But, there are the extreme hiding times as well. I've been restoring for a few months and have had really good results, but I'm not near any real unforced coverage. Just way more loose. I know many of you can relate to these feelings. I'm convinced that circumcision causes or exaggerates them. Did they go away after growing significant slack skin?

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    I have noticed an increase in size both soft and hard and girth as well. Makes sense too. Your penis is supposed to be housed in a sleeve of skin, not a tight sausage casing.


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      Yo. What has been helping to keep me going is not giving up, first off. It is hard to climb that mountain, but you are not the only one. It would probably help to think about how much satisfied you will be with your penis blanket once you are done restoring. It is about where you want to end up, not where you are right now!

      Also, looking through the galleries of fellow restorers has definitely kept my spirit up. When you finally reach the point where your foreskin rolls over with more ease, it is all smooth and nice, the ride. No pun intended! Do not give up, for if you defeat yourself, whom is the winner?


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        It is very sad that something done in minutes takes years to undo.

        If you were cut at a very young age, you will never know what you would have been like as an adult.

        I have been restoring on and off for a long time. More off lately. But I am still giving it a shot.

        Keep on restoring, it does get better.


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          When it turtles up, don't get depressed, just use manual stretching to stretch it out again and increase your flaccid hang:

          10 x 30-second stretches (for a total of about 5 minutes). Stretch down, up, left, right, diagonally in each direction, straight out and circle around, in both directions (clockwise and anticlockwise).

          Grasp behind the glans and pull hard enough to stretch but not so hard that it causes pain. You might have to experiment with grip.


          Also, try not to worry so much about being circumcised, I know it's a bummer but it's not like any of us actually had our entire dicks cut off.

          I was a member of a penis enlargement forum for quite a few years and saw quite a lot of extreme stuff, but there was one guy who joined and posted that he'd used a gelding tool to try and create an artificial priapism but was then unable to get the rings off of his penis. He ended up loosing penis due to lack of blood flow. This is a true story. He posted confirming photographs...

 didn't loose your entire penis. Again, I know it's a bummer, but we should try and focus on what we do have, rather than focusing on what we've lost.