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(POLL) What religion do you consider yourself?

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  • (POLL) What religion do you consider yourself?

    Just a simple poll, although some here think I'm militant anti-religion this is not the case, I disagree with extremist views, and have my own agnostism, but there is no hate here in this poll, I'm simply curious how diverse the religious views are among restorers on this forum. Please don't use this thread to attack anyone or anything of the sort.
    None of the above/other

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    I don't do religion. ALL religions are nothing more than a mechanism to control the masses thru fear and intimidation while those running the scam live a cushy lifestyle at their followers expense. Not to say I don't believe in a higher power, God if you will. Something created all that is, it didn't just happen. Religion is evil. More people have been killed over whose imaginary sky friend is better than all other causes COMBINED, with the sole exception of natural death. Just be a good person while you're here and make a positive difference and you'll be good to go.


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      Truth be told (and to shed that really nice inter-dimensional suit for a minute), and ... just to clarify your preamble, far as I can tell you and I stand on the same ground. I'd drag Lenin in here with us, but I think his observation on what turns the masses on is short-sighted. Maybe from the viewpoint of the masses it's an opiate, gotta smoke it on Sunday to feel good and protected, but from the wider view organized religion is just that, an organization, only an organization, supported by dogma held up as a shield from human truth, and a smoke-screen to hide the terrible corporate truth. In other words, it fast became an evil in it's own right.

      A bunch of people, with a group agenda, and the inevitable smaller, darker agendas that people have; never gonna turn out right. At best, formal religion is a corporation, and that's the sunny view. In fact organized religion was the first historical corporate structure, and of course some of them continue to be that. They act as international intermediaries. They are first and foremost political, power-focused, not "religious".

      Like all corporations, they feel they have to protect themselves, keep that power base, keep the perks, the money, the ego strokes (). So when organized religion thinks it's threatened, or caught in the act, the gloves come off and organized religion becomes the Syndicate, the Mafia, "THE CHURCH", an army with soldiers, with extermination as an acceptable policy. Don't believe it? It's just a matter of history, past and current. They protect themselves, and provide an underground railroad for some of those darker agendas. Hell, even the Amish are right there F'ing up on "reality" TV lately, and far as I know those guys don't look towards a larger corporate presence; in fact they profess the opposite. I was once told, if you want to really know where a group transgresses, just look at their motto. Whatever their motto is, that's what they truly don't believe in, or practice. So, put me down for a once-disgusted, now long burned-out, "none of the above".

      Now, a flawless mirror would be what "I'd" want, and it's what "I'd" attempt with practice. Too bad it doesn't work that way. It's both personal and interdimensional, but like the farmer who tried to bring his bull into his hut discovered, that damn bull's tail keeps hangin' out of the window, no matter what.


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        I dont belive on the existance of God or any super natural stuff. Religions are there to feed on peoples anxiety and turn them to the benefit of the people starting them. Like if you dont belive in God you'll go to hell...... I never considered myself religious either.

        Well I dont deny all of religion. Religion has brought lots of good cultures and advancements in our history. Some are contributions to many parts of our society such as art, architechture, literature, finance and music. Religion has inspired many thinkers around the world and artists too.

        I just dont like when religion press upon us rules that are unresonable and weird. Also I hate it when many people say non religious people have no morals.

        I just take whats good that can be find in religion. The ones I disagree I ignore. It's just as simple as that. If there is some stupid custom imposed by religion, harming me or my close ones, I'll protest against it.


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          I am an atheist, if religion brings guidance or comfort to you, all good and well, it's not for me though.


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            I have seen no credible evidence that a god exists. That is all I mean by being an atheist.

            If someone wants to believe in a god, and they keep their religion to themselves and do not use it to influence public policy, I have no problem with them.

            But if they start trying to use their irrational belief system to influence public policy and affect what people can or can't do, then I do have a problem with them. I do not see how we can live in a society that welcomes and values diversity, and has the First Amendment as a founding principle, unless religion is kept out of government.
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              Thanks for the replies and participation everyone.

              Info, as much as I'd like to formulate an argument against you out of principle, I do mostly agree with everything you wrote.

              Not quite sure I'm far enough along in my own experience to understand much about the inter-dimensional stuff you where saying at the end there, but I know there is much about this universe we haven't even come close to having a grasp or understanding on.


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                I believe that Sex Crimes exist and persist in Religion and this reason is plenty for me to not be affiliated with religion. I (and many others) for example have The Ugly Scar Of Religion. The reason why so many different Religion have The Ugly Scar Of Religion is because of somebody born with ... whatever that disease is where your foreskin is truncated. Aposthasis. or whatever. And so that is either a sign from "God". Or the person is practicing "Witchcraft". And they decided it was from "God." There is rape, mollestation, but also The Ugly Scar Of Relgioun is very much a Sex Crime as well. It is considered legal because that is how damaging Relgion is.

                Religion is in fact a form of Government, usually one in the same, but sometimes separete, but really does it matter?! Because as long as The Politicians, The Doctors, The Scientists, have Religion Affiliation, then that makes them biased, and it means that the so-called Separate religion has still infiltrated The Government.

                Religious parents tell these glamorous fairy tales to the children, who grow up convinced, but also in fear.

                Religious Missionaries "comfort" people who have had tragedy in their lives. All of a sudden they trust The Religious People.

                Religiouns give people even more reasons to fight and destroy and kill each other.

                ... Also, I believe that Revelations, The Rapture, The etc. is basically A Government that considers the enemies "Devil Worshipers" and will destroy them, just like in the Witch Lynchings of The Pilgrim Era.

                But to be fair I am not familiar with every single religion. Perhaps some are not that barbaric. If any religions never forced The Ugly Scar Of Religion onto the children, teenagers, or put pressure on adults, then those religions are not so dangerous. However, if I ever join such a religion, (if any exists) I will not call it a religion. It would be a Philosophical Way To Live Life that I coincidentally happen to agree with, and have been living life like that the entire time.

                I have many more reasons but this is good enough for now.


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                  I admittedly have not read the posts above mine yet, but I thought I would throw in some comment. I am athiest as a direct result of circumcision. I learned about circumcision in 9th grade and thought, "heh, good thing my family isn't very religious, otherwise I would be really mad." ...Yea, didn't take me long to figure out I was wrong on that front. Once I found out about it I was crushed; I couldn't believe that someone else had violated my body in that way. I felt powerless in a way I imagine rape victims do. From then on, I began a campaign of aggression against my parents when they would try to drag me to church. I then bought God is not Great and The God Delusion, was convinced, and never looked back. Freshman in college now.


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                    Admin, this thread should be moved to Le Bistro


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                      I think that's up to the admin not you bud.


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                          I'm honestly suprised so far, I figured there might be more non-religious people here then religious, but only 2 so far has selected a formal religion.


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                            Originally posted by sixty+ View Post
                            Admin, this thread should be moved to Le Bistro
                            Well........, we should ask you this: Why? Why should this thread be moved?

                            This is "safe haven", where people are supposedly safe from disparaging comments. Nobody's calling anyone here a name (well I did call Lenin "short-sighted", but he's dead, so he won't mind, probably glad to be rid of all those smelly workers). And, overall this is a forum, so feel free to make an observation (sounds like you have one), but without calling anyone a name. So feel free. It's the honest approach.


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                              Originally posted by Violator View Post
                              I'm honestly suprised so far, I figured there might be more non-religious people here then religious, but only 2 so far has selected a formal religion.
                              Maybe there were Protestants not being able to find the choice that fits them the most.....casting their votes to none of the above....