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    Just did a search of Celebrity Foreskin, and couldn't find a thread by that title on the new board.

    However, Celebrity Foreskin was a very popular and long running thread on the old board.

    Here is a link to the first page of that now mostly lost thread:

    I'm sure that such a thread would be equally popular and long running here on the new board.

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    It looks to me like probably all of those photo links are to photos that the members uploaded to their accounts.

    I tried checking on one of them, and got nothing, which is understandable since those photos would have been wiped out when the old board crashed.

    I suppose I could try clicking on all of the photos, to confirm that none of them are to external sources.

    Anyone else can do that themselves, also.

    Ron, from a quick glance, does it look to you like all of the photos on that first page, were links to photos uploaded to the members' accounts?

    There are, or were many, many celebrity foreskins on that thread, and if it were restored, I'm sure it would generate a lot of interest.

    Below, is a screen grab of the first post to the old thread.
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      Well, I clicked on every one of those links, and not one photo was visible.


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        Post 02 to Celebrity Foreskin


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          Post 03 to Celebrity Foreskin


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                      Back on the old board, there was some discussion of whether Justin Beiber was intact or not.

                      One poster said, he hoped that Mr. Beiber was not intact, because so many young girls liked him, and their boyfriends were so jealous of Mr. Beiber, that if he were intact, that they would want to be cut, out of dislike for Mr. Beiber.

                      I saw one distant full frontal photo of Mr. Beiber, and while he was obviously well hung, I could not tell if he was intact or not.

                      Recently, there was a closeup full frontal of him in a swimming pool? and he looks cut to me.

                      Don't have a URL for that photo.

                      I'd think some of our members here would be adept enough to find it, tho.


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                        Here is that distant photo of Justin, where it's not really possible to tell if he is intact or not, followed by his father's reaction to it.


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                          And, a closer in photo where he definitely looks cut.


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                            While Surfing the Wayback Machine for posts from the old board, I cam across one thread on the length of foreskins, both natural looking, and restored, that had a photo of Jude Law, and his Celebrity Foreskin: