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  • CI-3 - Yay

    Hello everybody,

    I recently noticed some changes in the scar patterns on my penis (I had some genital surgery when I was a baby involving skin grafts; I used to think my penis looked unattractive due to the scars but now I don't mind so much).

    Upon closer inspection, I discovered that I had generated some noticeable skin growth in the last year or so since I started more actively restoring, pushing me up a CI level.

    I am super motivated by this progress, and surprised by how quickly it has happened.

    I figure that now would be a good time to go through my restoration for 2017.

    I think late last year, I started packing using a miniature pill tube I found lying around.

    I got frustrated with the tape pretty quickly, but procured a TLC-X and started using that.

    I had some issues with the TLC device coming off and being painful or uncomfortable after a short while even with minimal tension, so for a while I wore it without tension just to stay in the habit of using it.

    I then tried strapping it sideways around my waist instead of vertically, which was a bit awkward with the rigid handle of the device pulled against my hip.

    Strapping around the waist was a lot more comfortable, and the device didn't fall off as much. I also just got used to wearing for as long as possible before discreetly removing the device, a huge advantage with tapeless devices.

    Recently, I have been able to wear the device for longer and longer, and this week I started strapping downwards, which is now comfortable.

    I've also started experimenting with weights, something I thought might be more comfortable since I started using the device, with a large metal bolt I found.

    I prefer to use more force than the bolt provides, but this week I've been combining a strap with a weight, which I find quite comfortable if bulky.

    Overall, I'm really happy with my progress year.

    I wish everybody a merry Christmas, happy Hanukkah or whichever holiday greeting suits best.

    Love you all,
    [I deem it wise to omit my name from penis-related forum posts]

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    Congrats on the progress this year! Let's go 2018!