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  • New wrinkle

    The past 3 days I've noticed a NEW consistent thick, fat wrinkle of foreskin overlapping on itself. YESSS!!!!!

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    It's temporarily stretched skin, not new skin. A 'fat wrinkle overlapping itself" isn't how new cellular growth reveals itself.


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      Who said it was cellular growth?


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        Good job! Keep on tugging.


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          I would call that a "fold", not a wrinkle. As you gain more skin you'll develop many folds until you achieve rollover.


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            Originally posted by PalloTown18 View Post
            Who said it was cellular growth?
            You are tugging to grow skin. You haven't grown anything new. Why would you say "yes!" to something temporary that isn't new skin?

            You'll know a real change when you see it.
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              Ok, so, I actually do think it’s a sign of continued cellular growth - I was more or less just messing with you. This is now actually one of several “folds” or “wrinkles” that has developed over the past year - perhaps it’s just skin that’s taken me almost a year to stretch and no change over the past year has been a sign of anything more than stretching. 😃 Regardless, even if it’s stretched skin: stretched skin, or rather, the process used to achieve stretched skin, is necessary to induce cellular growth - the observed wrinkle is the proof of the success of the execution of this process - so why could that in itself not be considered a triumph?

              ”You’ll know real change when you see it” Well, yeah, isn’t that what real change is? 😂 REAL change (if we’re going by literal definitions, which, based on many of your posts in this forum Reality, is something you’re wont to do) is something actually occurring in the physical word, not just simply perceived or fictitious. And this, is an actual real change, regardless of whatever it’s indicative of. (Yes, I understand you meant only to define “real” in contrast to something that is not permanent, but I don’t accept your definition as something being “real” has never been directly correlated with the passing of time or permanence.). This is all a bit ironic given your user name.

              Additionally, I am not at ALL the first guy in this forum to refer to observed change as a wrinkle. (Perhaps fold may be a better term). I’m only using lexicon that I’ve seen on here several other times.
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