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EMERGENCY POST- 15 year old boy doesn't want to be circumcised. NEED HELP NOW!!

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  • EMERGENCY POST- 15 year old boy doesn't want to be circumcised. NEED HELP NOW!!

    There is a currently a 15 year old boy in Texas who contacted me through my anti-circumcision tumblr account. He has a tight foreskin, and contacted me because his Dad wants to have him circumcised because of this problem. He was excited to find out he could stretch it, so it will open normally, and could keep his foreskin.

    His Dad is circumcised, his two brothers are circumcised. The only reason he is not is his Mom actually watched his last brother get cut and was horrified by it. So she refused to allow it to happen. I have gotten the sense this very much one of those "Father is king of the land" kind of household, and they seem to be quite religious.

    He contacted me again today, saying he was crying hysterically because despite his Mom sticking up for him in the past, his Dad "put his foot down" and now is demanding he get circumcised. They set up an appointment Thursday Nov 24th, with a doctor who is a family friend- to allow him to heal over the holiday weekend.

    I don't know what to do for this kid anymore. Does anyone know any resources I can provide him? Can people spread this message and link it back here?

    To oppose circ on a conceptual level, but to have a minor begging for it not to happen, but has no laws to protect him and his body is just horrifying on a whole other level.

    Is there any support network for him? Please help if you can!!

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    Yes, check out . If it helps, I was cut as an adult and know the difference and can help. If this is allowed to happen it will ruin him mentally and emotionally. He will hate his dad.


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      I already gave him a lot of great resources on that. The problem is that his Dad has made an appointment for surgery. At this point I am looking for resources to get him through this. Legal loop holes, or organizations that might be able to help. Anything, I don't know what to do at this point. I am hoping there is something I could do I haven't thought of.


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        Do you know of other message boards where I could post this?


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          Well, the kid needs to grow a set and stand up for himself. He should be big enough to do that at 15. if it were me, I'd threaten anyone who forced this on me.with DEATH.


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            You may try calling David Llewellyn of They specialize in circumcision lawsuits.


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              Originally posted by parsecskin View Post
              Well, the kid needs to grow a set and stand up for himself. He should be big enough to do that at 15. if it were me, I'd threaten anyone who forced this on me.with DEATH.
              Thats easier said then done when you are a child, and no other support network. You don't have the confidence of an adult. You reject this, you run away and what happens? You live on the streets, hope you don't get raped? Or what the police find you and send you back to your parents to get circumcised. Voiceless, marginalized groups are at greatest risk because they don't have any other options.

              This kid may literally have to choose between his full body, or what will feel like losing everything in his life.

              Anyway, he got back to me and got through to his Mom after telling her he felt voiceless. and didn't want this. That it was his body, and he didn't want to lose nerve endings. The Mom said she would try to talk to the Dad, but no promises.

              So I guess thats all there is for now, hopefully it goes well.


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                If this happens, when he turns 18 he can sue the shit out of EVERYONE involved.
                This is not worth him hating his parents and suffering years of depression .


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                  Send me their contact info via PM. I'll talk to.the parents. I have experience with this issue.


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                    I am assuming this is real. Not to be unkind to the OP, but I am always skeptical of these kinds of reports and you have zero real history here.

                    Now assuming this is true, with this kind of crazy timeline (what kind of fucked in the head doctor performs an involuntary, unnecessary circumcision of a 15 year old on THANKSGIVING?), I'd advise him to call 911 or social services or the media or anyone who will listen to him and say he's being kidnapped by his father who's trying to get a doctor to perform unnecessary surgery on him. This kid is well past needing to press the nuclear button. He needs an adult advocate. Any adult advocate. Lord, even doing something to get his butt tossed into juvie might be worth it to even delay this. Make it clear to the "family friend" doctor that he will be ruined professionally in a few short years. Seriously. Wreck the doctor's office if it comes to that. The doctor forcibly sedating him will just add to the eventual lawsuit. He needs to document anything he can as well.
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                      Would having his mom take this to court be a realistic option? Or file for divorce and full custody?

                      I just got done reading this thread, and I feel for this poor kid, but I don't really know if I can do anything substantial to help, which is making me feel bad. What should I do?


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                        At 15, in most.states the kid can decide who he wants to live with. Also if they force this on him, in less than 3 years, when he turns 18, he can sue the living shit out of his parents, the doctor, and anyone else involved . He should also be big enough right now to put a serious ass whooping on anyone who dares to try and violate him forcibly. He can also call the cops claiming child abuse. He has options.


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                          While Texas considers itself a country unto itself, not a State, medicine there still has to follow the same path that any other location has to, or the practitioner is unprotected and liable. This would mean sanctions from the State Board.

                          As far as I know, nobody makes a clamp large enough to fit an adolescent. If this "doctor" is considering anything other than surgery, then that's malpractice because it falls below an accepted standard of care. If he's considering surgery, then he has to follow State Board, and facility rules.

                          This would mean, there has to be a statement of ongoing adverse symptoms (described by several sets of guidelines), failure of conservative means over a set period of time, resulting in a diagnosis that would include a surgical procedure. If he performs surgery outside of these considerations, and outside of a clinic or facility, then he's risking malpractice, particularly if it can be established that he's doing some parent a "favor", with no consideration for the patient. "Favors" ain't medicine. And it's not law, either. Does the doctor in question realize that? You betcha. Will this circ likely happen? Doubt it; it doesn't sound like this is in the real world.

                          The other thing that could be done is to file emancipation papers in the local court, with a request to stop any attempts at unwanted surgery until a hearing where the whole shebang can be discussed from a legal view. If there is no clinical indication for the surgery, then the whole thing pivots on legality, and the doctor has a big ol' spotlight on his head. He doesn't want that.


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                            So he contacted me today and said the surgery happened, and it was the worst thing that happened in his life. He felt vulnerable, and humiliated. His uncle wants to give him money and his Dad a computer. I told him he should show how he feels by refusing both and ask them to be donated to a human rights organization. He said thats a bit too much to deal with, as he is just dealing with how everything feels now.

                            I put him in contact with a few people who I trust online who I think would be a good emotional support as he doesn't have that at home. He got angry with his Dad about all of it before hand and apparently punched him, and then that Dad grounded him after that. He had no one else to go to, run to, escape to. I am just trying to support him now and make him feel good about himself, his body, and make sure he still feels empowered and not voiceless despite the dehumanizing act of a forced circumcision.

                            I am going to keep up with him, and see if he will be interested in actually sharing his story on youtube and other places. I won't bring that up now, but later when he gets to that stage where he feels like he needs to DO SOMETHING to feel better. It might be really helpful to have examples of boys for the public to see who are having their own boldly integrity pushed aside, and traumatized like this. Our culture is horribly, horribly messed up and more people need to understand what that really means. This kid is a prime example of that. More than anything I just hope he can heal from this emotionally.


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                              LAWSUIT AT 18! Fucking assholes!