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Tucker Carlson and pro female circumcision black woman

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  • Tucker Carlson and pro female circumcision black woman

    She got a circumcision as an adult and likes it aparently and advocates for young girls to "get the nick" for a type "1a" female circumcision. She used the argument that the US should not have a problem with this because of what they allow for boys.

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    Fuambai Ahmadu-- a terrible human being... and maybe a little useful to our cause. Here's a video of her debating another FGM victim, arguing that girls should be allowed to undergo the procedure. I've always wanted to show that video to someone who's pro-circumcision and implore them to imagine that the same argument were taking place between two men.

    I haven't yet had the chance to do so and sadly, people tend to get absurdly defensive once we begin to compare male and female genital mutilation. I'd still like to try that line of reasoning sometime.

    On a related note, here's a good video outlining the "controversy" over male vs. female circumcision.