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Foreskin-friendly / cut-friendly underwear

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  • Foreskin-friendly / cut-friendly underwear

    There is presently a campaign to launch some new underwear that takes a cut man's needs into account. The discussion of this is a subversive way to make people realize that circumcision harms, so please spread the word. You can support the campaign here:
    -Ron Low
    847 414-1692 Chicago

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    Gotta say, "extra space" was exactly the opposite from what I needed throughout my tugging career. I bought briefs at least one size smaller than normal because a tight fit helped retain the skin (both original and additionally grown) over my glans. When I had grown enough skin to cover just my corona the briefs did the whole thing, no other retaining needed. In my opinion, silk does nothing to help this particular situation, but then I was a retain-for-sensation-now kinda guy. Otherwise, silk or whatever still causes enough abrasion to get in the way of taking abrasion out of the picture.


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      It seems like a good idea but like reality stated using silk doesn't cut down completely on abrasion. It definitely would help guys that can't or won't restore gain some sensitivity back assuming that they wear that underwear 24/7 if you could afford the several pairs needed to keep in rotation with laundry (probably at least 3 or 4 that would be expensive) you would be better off to get a few of those silk sheaths and wear those under your regular underwear. Silk underwear like that would also be good for guys with sensitive skin too or just guys that like the feel of silk, but it's still hard to justify paying that much for underwear. I've got some fancy underwear that I paid 20-30$ a piece and even though I love them it's still hard to justify that price for a piece of fabric with elastic bands on it. just my $0.02


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        I didn't do anything like an exhaustive search, but I found anecdotal complaints that washing silk in a typical washer commonly leaves it "stiff" and "rough". That seems to imply "abrasive" to some degree. I saw information like this suggestion: "Silk is a protein fiber and reacts to alkaline detergents. They tend to make silk rough, lose its shine and it can cause the fabric to break down quickly".

        But I'll link this:

        Hand washing underwear, not to mention dry cleaning, sounds a little too complicated for me.