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Spread the word: online release of movie American Circumcision scheduled for August 31st

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  • Spread the word: online release of movie American Circumcision scheduled for August 31st

    I got an email update a few days ago from filmmaker Brendon Marotta, who, in a few weeks, plans to release American Circumcision to online streaming services such as iTunes and Amazon. To get this issue the attention it deserves, he's asking for help with publicity. Here's his message:

    What he's asking, in a nutshell:

    Please, contact as many places as you can – blogs, podcasts, YouTube channels, social media influencers, large pages, news outlets, etc. – and ask them to cover American Circumcision. Share our film and our message so that this issue reaches many people as possible.
    His distributor is currently working on a deal with Netflix, but won't have anything to announce for a few months. More about that can be found on the movie's blog:

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    Why would anyone "spread the word" without actually reviewing the movie?


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      Some of us have seen it already, you know.

      Of course, I don't know how many of those who saw the movie in theaters might be reading this forum (or, where I also posted the message), but I certainly know some here have said so. There have also been reviews posted on YouTube, as well as a few blogs, from what I remember.

      There's also the preview material and synopsis at the guy's website, which might very well make people curious if they haven't seen it… which is the point, of course.


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        Ah, now I understand. I was thrown off by the title. You meant if you've seen the entire movie, after it shows of course, then spread the word (in a thumbs up/thumbs down critique, of course) that it's out there. Got it.

        Will do.


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          There have been many screenings around the country of the movie. The movie has generally been accepted by the intactivist community as well done.
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