Regarding the screening I attended https://foreskinrestoration.vbulleti...tary-jan-27-28

Tuesday night I saw the new documentary The Circumcision Movie. I can heartily endorse this project. It does not cover restoration.

It is 35-minutes and quite professionally presented. It definitely covers "both sides" but of course with circumcision, the more you know the worse it gets, so it comes down on the side of human rights. Since 95% of the secular world does not cut babies, any other conclusion would have to involve bias.

The detail and perspective make the movie perfect for childbirth educators' classes and for nursing students.

The filmmakers Emily and Emily have sunk nearly $20,000 each into this project, some of which may be recouped by DVD sales, streaming rights, etc. I would encourage you to make a gift or buy what they're selling if you can afford to do so. They said they didn't anticipate Netflix distribution, but pay-to-watch on Amazon was likely.