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The Ob/Gyns are coming to DC. How to welcome them? (hint: $$)

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  • The Ob/Gyns are coming to DC. How to welcome them? (hint: $$)

    Two-thirds of the non-therapeutic newborn male circumcisions in the US are done by the mother's doctor, an obstetrician/gynecologist. They will never see that forced genital cutting victim at maturity so they have no means to even get feedback on how well they cut (assuming they even cared). WHY do we allow them to touch that male patient?

    The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists holds a convention in Washington, DC mid May, and the intactivists will be there to meet them and let them know how horrified we are at what they are doing to helpless boys. Every time we protest this meeting, it seems more and more of the doctors cross the street to express their support for us, even as some of their colleagues literally spit on us. We could be near a tipping point for influencing the organization's policies.

    Our friend Tony has built one of the most effective tools around which to rally: the Intaction Mobile Education Unit It's a billboard truck with electrified messaging and bolt-on exhibits like an actual circumstraint with a model victim strapped in.

    Please consider sending some money to help defray some of the costs of getting to DC this May. I don't know of a better intactivist bang for the buck. Pull out that credit card, checkbook, or PayPal ID and click here:

    -Ron Low
    [email protected]
    847 414-1692 Chicago

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    Thanks for the mention. If you're someone that really wants to do something in the fight against genital cutting, I highly encourage you to attend the event in Washington DC if you are able to. It's a weekend event so you won't miss work or school, and its easily accessible for those on the East Coast via the Amtrak northeast corridor. Doctors are feeling the pressure from our growing presence at their events, and we need to keep the feet to the fire. Everytime the AAP or ACOG hold their annual meetings (which are also vacations for some), the docs, their spouses, the vendors and trade show exhibitors have to cross our picket lines to get into (and exit) the conference hall. I'm sure we take the fun out of it for them.

    The Mobile Unit not only lets these doctors see and hear our messages (yes the vehicle is equipped with amplified sound system), it really charges up and motivates the intactivist demonstrators ! And when the general public sees the mobile unit's exhibits, they can correlate the issues to the unethical doctors walking by with their conference badges displayed. Terrible public relations for doctors that violate the Hippocratic oath.
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