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  • Cut at 22

    Looks like this is the first post in this section!

    ​​​​​​I'm 48 yrs old now and have been restoring for 2.5 years. I was circumcised aged 22.

    I had an extremely tight foreskin that split and tore every time I has sex and it was advised by my doctor to get it cut a little to relieve the tightness. On the operating table pre op I was told by the surgeon that the operation would not work and that I needed to be circumcised!
    under pressure I agreed.

    it worked. No painful erecting any more. But...

    something was missing. I found it hard to cum. Masterbation was awkward. I didnt realise until much later in life what the issue was. Missing foreskin. It cost my sex drive and my wife.

    so now I'm restoring. I know it will not be 100% but 90% is very close as cut is 0%!

    it's a long journey for me due to time available to restore. I started as a CI1/2 but now I've reached CI5. my goal is CI8

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    Sorry that happened to you, man. Was slowly stretching the foreskin out not an option? Or did you not know it was an option? It's my understanding that that's the proper way to deal with phimosis (which it sounds like you had). It's really a shame how many doctors pressure guys into getting cut, when there's a perfectly viable do-it-yourself treatment.
    It sucks being a guy whose never experienced being intact, but at least I don't even know what I'm missing. I'm sure it's more difficult when you've been cut as an adult, because you know exactly what you're missing.
    Either way, it's good you got started restoring, and it sounds like you've made some awesome progress. Best of luck in reaching your goal.


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      Wish u the best in reaching your goals. Dont give up.


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        At Intaction's numerous events some guy will invariably come up to me and say, I was cut at xx years old and it was the best thing ever blah blah blah. Of course many are just in denial over a regretful decision. I also get guys that are having some issue or another and the doctor only offers circumcision as a cure. I try to explain what they will lose, why they need to find a new doctor, and to be strong to save their foreskin. Anyone who has an negative experience such as yours has a helpful story. If you are comfortable with discussing & documenting the issue please contact me at [url][/url] . We can save others.
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          If you want results as close to intact as possible, focus on tugging the scar line only. By moving the scar line to the tip of the penis, you will have the most natural looking foreskin possible, as well as a very erotically sensitive tip.