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    Not so. If you have, say 4 square inches of skin under tension you're gonna have X number of cells triggered. If you increase that area to 6 square inches you're gonna have 50% more skin area under tension and therefore more skin cells triggered. Not necessarily 50% more, but a significant amount. This is why progress picks up as you gain more skin. That's a fact. I've read about guys experiencing it and I've experienced it myself.
    So, skin cells don't have a brain but they have eyes, faces, and smirking mouths? You just stepped in your own poop!
    And Brian IS creepy! He just took over my auto-complete.


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      Yep, you can have mouths, eyes, and a face, and not have a brain. I've had to deal with some who are just like this.

      What restoration guys don't get is this isn't math theory, it's biological tissue reality. Nature, not math class. Sloppy, liquidy, spotty, incremental growth, not a robot-controlled assembly line. Growth is not linear, in any sense of the term There is no guarantee of anything, other than some eventual response.

      I've acknowledged that you MAY get a few more cells, but we are trying to plead with the stratum basale to "do something", and not all of those cells can respond. Few will respond. Cells do what they do, human-brainlessly. In fact, calling them "they" gives them more human-like qualities than they actually have. They are little walled blobs of stuff, with extremely thin connections, and water, in between them.

      You tell me, how many cells is "significantly". A human skin cell is roughly 20 to 30 micrometers. So, say you have a BEYOND MAINTENANCE rate (which involves a lag time, and lagged mitotic response) of, say, 100 of them (a very generous amount), over some period of time (again, it's not linear OR IMMEDIATE) in response to tension. What would that look like? That's about a tenth of an inch, over who knows how long a time period.

      But here's the thing, when there is some response, those cells pop up here and there. You haven't specified an actual area measurement, ie "length", which you wouldn't get because skin doesn't grow that way, or a squared area, which you wouldn't get because we don't tug for square anything. You'd get a completely invisible-to-the-naked-eye response. Plus some of those cells get immediately "kicked upstairs" (the cell-euphemism for you gonna die, dude). And that's goin' "up" towards the dead surface, NOT adding to the stratum basale. Adding to the stratum basale eventually gives you a few more living cells (a fraction of that 100), some of which DON'T DIE, and will divide and stay at that level to divide again WHEN IT'S TIME, etc. Not linear. More like......misty, micro droplets of mist. If that happens over time, you get little wrinkles, and yay. But you can see, this is not math class. Even Dr Fronkensteen had his fingers crossed when he flicked that switch.

      You can see, that you will see nothing, unless you get enough of the right cells, and you give it enough time. Grass, Moon, remember? I'm not saying you won't see something someday. But nothing like a rousing "significant" in the short time frame that "more skin equals more cells" idea implies. Law is law. We have no control in this. That's the hidden issue in this concept: control. "If I do this, I will have more dividing cells", so it's not just about having more cells, it's also about "if I"; me, I'll control this thing. Nope, you won't. You can't. So you never will.

      You can believe anything you want. The word "believe" allows you to do this. The word "know" doesn't. Two different words, spelled differently, with different meanings, yet people interchange them on a regular basis. You really can't. Here they do it all the time, though ......
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