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Cut as teenage and my restoration story

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  • Cut as teenage and my restoration story

    I was cut during my teenage years due to phimosis and it turned about to be one the biggest mistakes I've ever made.

    I had about pencil size phimosis so not that bad. It turns out this could have been cured non-surgically with some stretching in months and circumcision was completely unnecessary.

    A doctor analyzed the condition and told me I needed to get operated. I also remember watching US TV show where a female character rejected a man because he had a foreskin. No one was warning me of any possible problems associated with the operation and I was too young to realize it myself.

    Couple of days after the bandages were removed I remember taking a shower and feeling really weird and quickly realizing it was the pressure of water dropping on the exposed glans and it felt horrible. I found out I couldn't anymore wear boxers either. I was literally feeling miserable in my skin all the time and especially when I moved due to clothes or anything touching the glans. And that's when I realized I had made a terrible error.

    At some point I visited a doctor and asked if I can get a foreskin back and he told me it is not possible. About six years after getting cut I found on the Internet that it was possible to restore a foreskin. It turns out I was CI-1 or CI-2 with almost no inner skin left at some parts but I had frenelum. I think I did about a year worth of restoration and then realized the process was going to take many years and due to other stress at the time I decided not to continue tugging actively. Also, I wanted inner skin so I took a habit of tugging what was left of it sometimes when I had the time almost without thinking about it.

    Gradually over the years I noticed loosing sensitivity. And despite of that I still felt miserable in my skin. Suffice to say I was not happy about any of this.

    About four years ago I started to actively restore again. I was now feeling optimistic about actually finishing in some reasonable amount of time because I was about CI-3 and now with some inner skin although parts of it with long stretched white scarring.

    Fast forward to today and I'm now about CI-6 with a minimum of 1.0cm of inner skin and maximum of 2.0cm. Overall I've tugged the outer skin actively about 5 or 6 years and the inner skin something between 6 and 12 years. Despite the effort it has took and not being even finished yet it still has been already totally worth it. I'm now feeling good in my skin for the first time since I was a teenager.

    My CI target is CI-8 or CI-9. While that's not too far I still have probably almost a decade of tugging ahead if I want to have something like even 3cm of inner skin..

    The method I've used to restore is manual tugging twice daily with 10-15 minute sessions although sometimes longer and more often. I think the speed of my overall progress isn't spectacular but it has felt like I've hit milestone after milestone lately and am progressing much faster than when I started. I try to be even in tugging all available skin for the fastest possible growth. I never liked the idea of wearing a device although I never tried one. I used to retain with medical tape after re-starting active restoring and sometimes still do.

    Over a decade of discomfort and a lot of time spent tugging to fix some of that. That's why I call getting circumcised one of the biggest mistakes I've ever made.

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    I hear you brother. I got cut as an adult. No real issues either. I got talked into it by my gf (ex now, as you could imagine) and succumbed to social pressure. BIG MISTAKE.
    Although my cut was tight (CI 1), at least I was left with a decent amount of inner skin, about 2-3 cm and a good clean even cut. Bastard took most of my frenulum though.
    I suppose I should consider myself "lucky". Could have been much worse.