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  • Search Engine Oddity

    Search Engines are playing with how they return your search results relating to Female Genital Mutilation

    (sorry, i have to use the mutilation word that i do not say)

    Play around with several search engines, set to Image Search, safe-search off.

    Female circumcised
    Woman circumcise

    Pussy circumcised * actually gives pictures

    i do not support or endorse genital mutilation for anyone.

    Also the visuals are useful to debate the "totally different" arguments. "Yep, that's a small skinless shaft & glans sitting on a pubic mound, instead of a larger skinless shaft & glans sitting on a pubic mound"

    I think this data manipulation is fairly interesting.
    How could we work toward getting Male Genital Mutilation treated the same?
    Saying someone is "Unmutilated" is like saying "Unsweet Tea". So you mean it's just Tea, in its natural state, that nobody has screwed up? It can't be Un- anything