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Human Rights vs Torture of Infant males and Children in the USA

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  • Human Rights vs Torture of Infant males and Children in the USA

    Isn't it absolutely amazing and a sign of a very Sick United States of America that if you are born a Girl you have peace / love - well being with genital integrity

    Beautiful video of a New born girl smiling an content getting her hair washed for the first time ..... aaah how sweet:

    Vs if you were born a boy - at this very same time you have a very high chance of being:
    1) Strapped down.
    2) Raped - stimulated
    3) Clamps and having your most sensitive region skinned alive (inner foreskin is fused to glands in infants) - With or without anesthetic which is done incorrectly in most cases)
    4) Slice open
    5) Clamped, Crushed and or tied off
    6) Frenulum remnant optional excised or burn't off (depending how sadistic the person performing the operation is)
    7) Urinate and pain till the scar heals.

    No need for a Video here of the boy infants arms attempts at flailing, erratic breathing / deep body shuddering - piercing screams - if from the pain they have not passed out (they are the so called quite ones)
    Handed back to the parents with some BS ah he was wonderful slept through the procedure - or tolerated the procedure quite well
    (Code for: phew little guy is still alive after an unnecessary surgery where we tortured the crap out of him as proper sedation takes too long - Medical profession of "do no harm" is not worth the toilet paper it is written on).

    When the United States joins the real world .................................................. ......and boys are no longer tortured /raped for cosmetic mutilation for cash, they too can enjoy their first hair wash like the girls in peace and without pain.

    We then could aspire to Louis Armstrong it's a beautiful world for ALL infants.

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    OzVic, you said it Very Well.