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Anyone Else Seen This Troubling Story?

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  • Anyone Else Seen This Troubling Story?

    The story in the link below is greatly troubling me.

    When my son Henry was born, and the hospital urologist came to visit us at his bedside in the NICU, it took all my self-restraint not to laugh in the doctor’s face when he broached the topic of circumcision.

    Would welcome comments from my fellow Intactivists.

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    Originally posted by TheRifleman
    The story in the link below is greatly troubling me.

    Would welcome comments from my fellow Intactivists.
    Troubling indeed. A catheterized preemie develops a UTI and the family blames his natural foreskin. Catheterization of preemies is exactly how the circumcision UTI connection myth got started. A large FLAWED study was published where preemies were included without accounting for the confounder of catheterization or of being frail and less mobile.

    No study has EVER shown a connection between intactness and infant UTI where parents and caregivers were instructed on proper care. Only the owner of the penis should ever try to retract the foreskin. As the AAP says, "only clean what is seen; leave it alone."
    -Ron Low
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      First of all, this kid is in a very small, special population. Spina bifida itself is a known UTI risk factor. Secondly, she's worried about her child with spina bifida contracting HIV during sex? Is she serious? Is this a real story? Many people with spina bifida cannot even develop reliable bladder control!

      There's also the problem of a gross miscitation of both the circumcision rates (current rates are definitely much below 77%!) and UTI statistics (Intact boys 1000x more likely to get UTIs? Not in Wiswell's wettest dreams), which probably doesn't matter because she's catheterizing a baby several times a day and apparently can't figure out shoving a tube in a baby's penis might be problematic when it comes to actual causes for infection. Again, it makes me wonder if this story is even real or if this was some poorly concocted pro-circ piece that someone wanted to get published on Yahoo.
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