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Gender Reveal parties are toxic.

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  • Gender Reveal parties are toxic.

    Please, when you get the chance, discourage the practice of big to-dos and gender-reveal celebrations by expecting parents.

    The idea that our hopes and dreams are tied to a child being a boy or a girl is just a harmful paradigm, Many kids will have intersex conditions and the very idea of PINK or BLUE being cause for celebration implicitly says that something unusual in between is a tragedy. In fact, nature gives us beautiful variety and we need to welcome what comes and especially resist the urge and the cajolling of medical folks to surgically "normalize" our new family members. Informed adults can decide for themselves, and NEARLY ALL intersex folks who were subjected to such treatments express a great sense of loss and grief that they weren't allowed to weigh in on the course of treatment or left alone.

    This issue intermeshes with the fight to end male circumcision, because if you protect intersex children then you force a discussion on where to draw the line. If a 99% male child is protected from non-therapeutic genital cutting, then why not a 100% male child?

    See also Your Beautiful Child, by Hida Viloria https://foreskinrestoration.vbulleti...ecting-parents
    -Ron Low
    847 414-1692 Chicago