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Circumcision I won't do that to my child by every ones gran.

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  • OzVic
    I hope you mean strange in how the hell is this still legal and allowed to go on kind of way.

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  • Pine
    This is very strange.

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  • Circumcision I won't do that to my child by every ones gran.

    Graphic with pictures, first lot shows use of penile block - which is usually done badly (not top and underneath sides) - carries risks or * USUALLY * NOT at all by sadistic misguided under educated uncaring doctors.
    Result infant in extreme pain or quite (but look carefully) they are in total body shock when checked properly.

    It is no little snip .... min 50%, most growers typed have 60-65% skin removed (some figures as high as 80% when botched)

    Problem on a ADULT erect penis it actually needs in many cases all the skin an infant is born with, so how exactly do you need less skin.
    Answer: You don't - it should be left there as intended.

    Leaving things as Nature and God intended:
    Saves the infant from the torture of being skinning alive and clamping, crimping cutting off a large percentage of protective sensitive tissue, have a happier settled infant as there is no op, no surgery risk of things going totally wrong - more that genital body modification already does: (Form of partial castration to desensitize), Better mother bonding and later a wife / partner who would enjoy pleasurable gentler full filling love life as nature intended.