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I need help to protect future nephew from cultural bias cutting

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    Sounds like the coginitive dissonance runs strong in this one. This IS undrestandable. Try telling him that the foreskin is the sensory equivalent to the female clitoris with 20k plus nerve endings , some of which are highly specialized and found NO WHERE else on the body. They are the ones that feel REALLY good. You cannot remove this much sensation and NOT cause damage. If you keep on him long enough, with kid gloves, he will eventually "sneak" a google search to satisfy his curiosity. Tell him you were once just like him in your beliefs and that no guy wants to admit he is damaged down there. Be sympathetic. Cry if you have to.


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      Or at this point just say, “will you please sit down and just read something?” - and then show them this thread on our forum and tell them they have to read the whole thing. 😃


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        Okay, Pallotown18,
        If you can't get'em to read, maybe you should provide a few photos:

        Go to, and print out color photo #11 therein. This is one of my favorite photos of and intact penis in all its delicacy. Tell them that the crest of each fold in the "Venetian curtains" contains a wealth of fine-touch receptors that are completely obliterated by circumcision.
        Print color photo #11:

        Then go to the botched circumcision gallery at and pick any of a number of photos to print out for comparison. Tell them that men with more minor versions of the circumcision artifacts seen in the photos continually show up at NORM meetings. But also tell to notice how the penis of a circumcised male is always dried out, scarified, and callused.

        I maintain that ALL circumcisions are botched because it's something that didn't have to be crushed and cut so that it dries out, scarifies, and calluses in the first place!

        One man at a San Diego NORM meeting asked a simple question: What do you tell the little guy, who had the case of galloping gangrene, that what was done to him was a totally elective procedure?....something that didn't need to be done in the first place.

        World As Monkey Island
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        I declared myself finished restoring with 3/4 erect coverage (CI-8.5) in 2005. I primarily used T-tape, strapping up and around my waist.
        I've participated in NORM meetings in San Diego, Los Angeles, Seattle (RECAP), and Ann Arbor, Michigan.

        Every doubt, reservation, or concern I had about my restoration was resolved by achieving additional foreskin LENGTH.....So just KOT !


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          Here. Show him THIS: attachment


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            One question you might ask your sister and brother-in-law: if their son were to grow up to resent it, how would they explain their decision? What if he knew you had tried to prevent this, and they wouldn't listen?


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              Hey guys just wanted to say thanks again for all your help, and I appreciate all the advice.

              My sister had her baby and my mother told me earlier today they are having the circumcision done today. It sounds like she gave a feeble attempt to get them to reconsider by saying my cousins children were left intact, but she really doesn't know what she's talking about. She just knows I was trying to convince them not to do it. Then we got into it a little bit. She thinks I am overly depressed about it and it's just how our society is, I need to get over it, it is their decision and they aren't going to change their mind. While I understand she is trying to be helpful it really just made me upset. As many of you know, it isn't something you just "get over" and I am pretty sure being upset about this is the totally normal correct emotion to have.

              Knowing my sister is mutilating her child has stirred up a lot of different emotions and I learned some new scary things about myself in the process. I found another thing circumcision has stolen from me. The inability to experience the joy and happiness of seeing a baby being brought into this world. When she told me she was pregnant and everyone was excited, I felt anxiety about her stubbornness and the conversations to come. When the reveal was a boy I felt anxiety, that now it was inevitable we needed to discuss this or I wouldn't be able to live with myself if I didn't try. When she went into Labor I felt anxiety, over the next few days to come knowing it was only a matter of time. When she had the baby and I went to meet him, I did not get to feel excitement as everyone else was, just anxiety and sadness over what was about to happen. Helplessness that I wasn't able to save him, knowing what was in his near future. I also found a scary part of myself, lying in bed not being able to sleep knowing that my sister was in labor. I found myself thinking, If she is going to go through with this and mutilate that child, I hope she is in so much pain right now. Just lying there wishing extreme pain upon my own sister, how messed up is that. I really don't like that I was thinking that, but it happened.

              My mother wasn't wrong that I was not happy, that everyone else is feeling excitement, while I had to fake a smile and control my anger to get through the event. But that doesn't mean my feelings towards the situation are not justified, and I am not going to let them belittle my feelings and tell me I am wrong. During her pregnancy I told myself that if they went through with it, I would consider cutting them out of my life, because at least my parents generation didn't know any better. At least they didn't have someone explaining to them not to do it because maybe they would have reconsidered. At least they were just ignorant, and not some combination of stupidity, denial, lack of common sense, or moral compass.

              I tried to make it so easy for her to realize the truth of what she was doing. They couldn't even spend an hour and a half of their time to watch the American Circumcision documentary that I bought for them because it was "too long." A measly hour and a half of time is too much for them when it comes to a decision that will impact the rest of their son's life.

              This experience has really taught me how deranged our society truly is, that it has manifested this cruel ideas so deeply into someone they cannot be pulled back out. I am going to move on, and I am not going to cut them out of my life, but I don't think I will forgive them. To some extent, watching this happen so close to me on such a personal level was like re-experiencing all the horrors that I tend to push out of my mind. All the horrible truths about what was done to me as baby, reliving it through the eyes of my nephew.

              Anyway thanks again for helping everyone, sorry for the rant, and I hope none of you have to go through this experience.
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                Thanks for giving us the update. You fought the good fight, even if you (and your nephew) lost. That is all you can do, try, in this situation.



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                  Well, you can't win em all. All you can do at this point is be there for him, when someday in the future, he wants to know the truth about it all and coach him about restoring. You may try being present for a diaper change and say" you know, if you hadn't cut him, you wouldn't be needing to do that (wound care), he wouldn't be in pain, and he would be breast feeding much better".


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                    I very much wish that I had someone in my family or circle of friends that sat me down and told me the real benefits to being intact..

                    I myself am circumcised, and have never had problems with it, until recently I was actually very happy about what I had. For this reason I made the mistake of having my son circumcised 10 years ago when he was born. I never knew anything about the benefits of being intact, never cared to learn or look into it. Now knowing what I just recently learned about it all I am very regretful that I did not learn about it before I made that decision for my son. I keep thinking that my situation is a text book example of “ignorance is bliss” and what you don’t know, you don’t know. I used to prefer that I was circumcised but that was just due to my own lack of knowledge and not having the desire to gain the knowledge.. I figured that I am that way and like it and so I would like my son to be that way as well..

                    I am now restoring mine and will teach him about what I did to him and what I took from him and let him decide on his own if he wants to restore.

                    I will also educate friends and others if I am able about what they may be taking from a young boy.

                    Good on anyone one that does try to educate their friends and family on the issue.. I do wish I had someone educate me when I needed it.