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2017-05-19 - 15 Celebs who have Spoken Out Against Circumcision

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  • 2017-05-19 - 15 Celebs who have Spoken Out Against Circumcision

    Mentions Mario Lopez, Russell Crowe, Kyra Sedgwick, Joe Rogan, Elizabeth Hurley, Virginia Madsen, Alicia Silverstone, Robin Quivers, Howard Stern, Cameron Diaz, Gerard Butler, Colin Farrell, Princes Diana, Sara Gilbert, and Roseanne Barr.

    Does not mention celebrities Greg Fitzsimmons, George Carlin, Terrence Howard, Andy Richter, Ralphie May, Alan Cumming, Rob Lowe, Dick Gregory, Dr. Dean Edell,...

    Let's add to the list where we have evidence.

    See also but these are intact men, and here I'm looking for celebrity Intactivist men. Some have quotations listed there that would qualify them, in case anyone has time fish those out.
    -Ron Low
    847 414-1692 Chicago

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    Great list! I should emphasize that anyone speaking against circumcision is, with only rare exception, doing an unambiguously good thing. Having said that, I'm a little disappointed that one-third of the list is not American. While circumcision rates are higher in the UK and Australia than, say, Vietnam, they're still lower than they are in America and their opposition doesn't feel quite as impactful. On the plus side, I'm happy to see nine of the celebrities on the list are women. Roseanne Barr comes as a particular surprise (not that I agree with her on practically anything else...). I'd love to add to the list, but I'm afraid I don't follow celebrity culture and opinions closely enough.


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      I like Andy Richter's response in this video.