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  • makes waves at the Coney Island Mermaid Parade - Save the Fore-Fins

    Please have a look at the write-up for Intaction's entry in last weekend's Mermaid Parade.

    Intactivist Anthony Losquadro operates with its now well-known Mobile Education Unit. At the parade - which warrants a nautical-themed contingent and which is popular for spectators who like to catch a view of topless exhibitionists - Intaction subversively wedged a pro-foreskin message in by whimsically calling for the saving of all the "Fore-Fins." The unit included a stunning man / woman team of defenders from the deep, jovially flirting with the crowd while wearing next to nothing. There was a "Save the Fore-Fins" banner carried by two team members, and there was a pair of leafleteers shunting literature to eager spectators. Bringing up the rear was the Mobile Education Unit sporting its new billboard "Foreskin - a girl can hope."

    I believe Intaction's positive approach is how we will win this. Make foreskin fun, sexy, and desirable, and people can easily elaborate on the theme in their heads and conclude that no child should be robbed of the chance to enjoy intact genitals. Studies show that conclusions arrived at by someone's own reasoning are held more firmly than messages preached at them.

    Also, look for the Intaction MEU in this Sunday's Pride Parade in NYC, where the message will be swapped out to "Foreskin - a guy can hope." is in my opinion the best place to invest your available donation funds to bring about a peaceful intact future.

    -Ron Low
    847 414-1692 Chicago

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    Ok, I'll have a look,

    "With all due respect............ "

    Yeah, I know, more uncomfortable posting from Reality. I have nothing against peripheral discussion and 3rd party action per se, as long as it's reasonable. But think about it, "peripheral" and "3rd party" is the setting here. Will that alone work? Nope.

    In fact (and this is not just my opinion, but the reality of the situation in the US), "peripheral" and "3rd party" won't, and never will, cut it, because that isn't where the rubber meets the road. Think about what I'm saying. Peripheral and 3rd party discourse/action are removed from the issue of medical rationale, so they are essentially "less than", ie less than effective, less than "expert".

    RIC isn't done out in Walmart's parking lot, it's done in the many facilities and clinics in this country. In other words, the costume of the day is white coats, not "fins" (what a truly bizarre and diminishing idea for a serious issue). Anything short of expert is seen as lay, or worse, a self-focused agenda preaching to the choir. The future is the basic strategical focus. But if you add some sort of street party to it, you've just shot yourself in your other foot. You want to party, then party, but consider separating social events from business until you can see beyond yourself, and until you understand the complexity of the issues.

    So far (religion aside), RIC is very generally, but with some emerging ambivalence, supported by professional policy, based in historical practice. If you style yourself an intactivist, then go back and re read that sentence. It's this ambivalence which is key. It's where this thing starts. "Intaction" has to come primarily from the professional groups involved, because that's the setting where RIC and anything short of therapeutic circumcision occurs, and this is where a focus on circ as a surgical procedure begins. Unnecessary surgery is a long established malpractice. I'm not talking about "fins" here, I'm talking about a serious chink in the rationale's armour.

    So, professional peer review, not a street party. No costumes, no gaiety, but sober professional policy and practice. "Policy and practice" is a professional term. If you haven't heard it used, then you are very much outside of this whole issue. Anyone who hasn't heard this term used in a professional context is by definition not part of the professional setting; on the street level, standing under a closed window, shouting up at the groups inside that building, and worse: from a conga line.

    RIC is hidden from sight, under the banner of professional rationale and practice, and allowed to remain so by the payers. It will need to be fought in these two arenas before it gains any traction which lay groups can take advantage of. No amount of lay discourse, or hijinks, or any other action for that matter, will directly have enough cultural standing to influence the issue. It can be respected background comment, but nothing more.

    Party all you want (if you think that's respectable), but at some point you have to realize that you're not the important part of this until you find a way to influence policy and practice directly. As it stands currently, you won't find a way to do that. And come the day when you do find a way, you still aren't the important part of it. The future is; not you, not me.
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