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2018-06-22 VIMEO.COM is on Team Intactivism

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  • 2018-06-22 VIMEO.COM is on Team Intactivism

    Last week, I suddenly found that demo videos at weren't displaying properly. I noticed an email from just 7 minutes earlier explaining that my Vimeo account had been cancelled because of the smut I was peddling. They said:
    "Your account has been removed by the Vimeo Staff for violating our Guidelines. Reason: Vimeo does not allow videos that contain explicit depictions of nudity or sexual acts, nor do we allow videos that seem primarily focused on sexual stimulation."

    I replied to the legal dept:
    "You need to fix this. You have removed my paid account, despite the fact that when I paid for it years ago we were very clear on what the content would include. My videos include clinical nudity to help genital mutilation survivors undo some of the unwanted damage. There is absolutely nothing sexual about it. If someone takes offense because they support genital mutilation that is their problem. I'm sure Vimeo is on the side of human rights and help for victims. Thanks for your prompt attention."

    Two days later they replied back:
    "I apologize for any confusion. Our Trust & Safety team has reviewed your account, and we have confirmed that your content abides by the rules of Vimeo. I have fully reinstated your account, and your videos are up and running. We've also taken measures to ensure this shouldn't happen again. Thank you for using Vimeo!"

    I can't be mad at Vimeo. To operate affordably, they employ minimum-wage moderators to promptly respond to reports of inapprorpiate content. Remove first, ask questions later. But at least they DO ask questions and make it easy to contact them. And when found inappropriate, the removal is eventually reversed with an apology. It would appear they have flagged my account so future moderators will leave me alone.

    Please support Vimeo, which is a free or paid place to host your foreskin restoration videos even if they contain clinical nudity.
    -Ron Low
    847 414-1692 Chicago