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2018-12-22 Swedish journalist does extensive write-up on American Circumcision documentary

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    Here is a better-than-machine translation supplied by a forum brother.
    Most boys in the United States in the United States are subjected to painful and needless circumcisions at only a few days old. The film American Circumcision takes a stand for boys’ rights to their own bodies.

    Stop mutilating babies - stop circumcision!

    The entire western world agrees that female circumcision is evil and refers to it by its correct name - mutilation. But the same empathy isn’t there for boys. The argument goes like this: It’s not as bad, they don’t remember it, it doesn’t hurt their sex lives and it’s also hygienic. That’s all wrong, which is clearly shown in the new documentary. American Circumcision.

    The film begins with a newborn baby boy, who, wrapped up in a baby blue blanket, looks around curiously and calmly yawns. Then, a door opens and footsteps grow louder. The boy looks up as if wondering what’s going to happen next. A nurse whisks him away and he looks wide-eyed up at the ceiling lights, unaware that he’s on the way to to the torture chamber. He’s set down on a plastic board, molded for a baby to fit, and his arms and legs are secured down.

    The nurse places a blue fabric sheet over his now naked body - with a small hole for his small wiener (snopp has a less clinical connotation than penis, and a much less sexual connotation than kuk). She cleans it off and gets her instruments ready. Then the little boy unleashes a hellacious roar when his foreskin is cut off, a procedure that will forever deprive him of a large part of the pleasure center that makes sex such an enjoyable experience.

    In Brendon Marotta’s film American Circumcision, we are shockingly made aware that circumcision is the most common operation in the US. Unlike in Europe, Christians and atheists have latched on to the Jews’ and Muslims’ tradition of cutting off the foreskin. The procedure is so common that most American men are circumcised, and the majority are deprived of their foreskins during their first few days of life. There are no other countries in the industrialized world that practices non-religious circumcision - only the US.

    Isn’t it remarkable that Americans have never had a national discussion on such a central part of their culture, a wrongdoing that affects so many [men] on such a personal level, Brendon Marotta wonders.

    Worse procedure than in biblical times

    In the film, we meet a large number of men who have gotten involved in the fight against circumcision, even Jews who go against the several thousand year-old ration that makes it basically impossible for Jews to refuse circumcision. But, as was shown in the film, circumcision in biblical times was a very small procedure compared to today’s standard - in which basically all of the foreskin that should be covering the head of the penis is taken away. When the procedure goes ’well,’ the head of the penis is left completely unprotected, and when the glans chafes and rubs up against clothes and bedding, the skin gets hard and thick. When the circumcision goes bad, the penis is more or less destroyed, and there are even a few reported cases where boys have died after the operation - usually due to blood loss or infection. But the statistic is incomplete and the report usually lists the cause of death as the complications that occurred after the circumcision, not the circumcision itself. You can read more about that here.

    Even still, there is almost no debate on the mutilation of boys - not even in the US where the procedure is completely separated from religion. But a group called Intact America is doing everything it can to get this issue on the agenda. One of their most important pioneers is Marilyn Milos, who talks about how she first saw a circumcision for the first time in May 1979 as a brand-new nurse.

    - ”That’s when I realized the horror with what we do to babies behind closed doors, and I had never before heard such a scream come out of the mouth of a small human. I just started to cry and stood next to the baby to calm him down The doctor said I was out of control, that I was crying rivers. He looked at me and said, ”You know that there’s no medical reason for doing this, right?”

    - I didn’t just see torture and mutilation of a baby, I also got to hear that it was unnecessary. So of course I asked myself ”Why are we doing it?”

    -Fired when she advised parents

    - Marilyn Milos gradually started to talk to new parents and advise them to not circumcise their babies, which made the head nurse accuse her of causing parents to get upset, and that just couldn’t be allowed. She was fired in 1985 and started her own non-profit organization against circumcision, National Organization of Circumcision Information Resource Centers, Nocirc, recently renamed to Genital Autonomy-America.

    On the home page, they challenge parents to be aware of the following:

    - No national nor international medical organization recommends routine circumcision.

    - It’s only in the US that the majority of all newborn babies are circumcised without any medical or religious reason.

    - Medical circumcision began in the 1800’s to prevent masturbation, which was believed to cause diseases.

    - Modern parents are beginning to see that foreskin is a normal, protective and functional organ.

    - Modern parents understand that circumcision is harmful and bares unnecessary risks.

    - Circumcision denies men their bodily integrity and the right to make their own choice about their body.

    Georganne Chapin, who leads the group Intact America, says that it’s incredibly difficult to talk to parents who’ve had their babies circumcised.

    - It’s a very powerful and challenging topic. If you’ve agreed to allow your boy to be circumcised and then you hear that it might not have been the right thing to do, that’s just a horrific feeling. Either you are overwhelmed with embarrassment, sadness or anger or you just want to push those feelings away. It’s never a neutral discussion.

    - If you are a circumcised man, it’s dreadful to think that you were tied down as a baby and someone cut off parts of your body. A lot of people say ’It wasn’t good, but I don’t remember it so you know what, I feel fine.’ It’s not pleasant to think about, but I don’t think you can just ignore those feelings.

    That’s why it’s easier to talk to parents who haven’t had their kids circumcised yet. One of Intact America’s activists, Norm Cohen, says ”Boys and girls are born with a body and it’s their right to keep it.”

    Afflicted every day

    In American Circumcision, several men are shown that were cut as babies and are negatively affected by its complications. It affects some of their sex lives and some of them while others are tortured by the pain they feel knowing that they’ve been lied to about such a vital part of their bodies. The previous notion was that men aren’t notably affected by circumcision, but that couldn’t be more wrong.

    There are between 80,000 and 100,000 nerve receptors in the foreskin called Meissner’s corpuscles, a type of nerve ending in the skin that’s extra sensitive to light touch. To get an idea of how they feel, you can lightly drag one of your fingers over the palm of your hand and feel how it has a pleasant tickling feel to it. If you push down hard with your finger and drag, there is no feeling. Circumcised men have been deprived of this important pleasure center.

    Ripping apart the skin from the glans

    One detail that is rarely brought up in discussions regarding circumcision is that the foreskin is attached to the glans in small boys, commonly up to 10 years old. In order to loosen the foreskin of a baby at all, the circumciser has to rip the foreskin away from the head and once this membrane which holds the foreskin tightly to the head has been ripped away, it can never grow back.

    But in the film, we learn that there is a way to get back part of your foreskin. Several men share that they have invented small devices that are placed on the penis in order to tug up the skin that’s left, slowly but surely over the head. It can take five, six years but it’s worth the wait, several of them recount.

    In Europe, it’s mostly just Jews and Muslims who circumcise their sons, but even we [Swedes] should care about these innocent children. Why would we allow boys to be mutilated when we have strict laws against girls getting circumcised - even if no one has been charged for that crime yet.

    But it’s extremely difficult for European politicians to approach the question. This year, Iceland and Denmark took steps to ban circumcision, and thus became the target of a tirade of accusations of being anti-semitic.

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  • z726
    It's in Swedish, of course, but Google Translate does a pretty accurate job with the language. Just cut and paste the URL into the translation box, and click the link that comes up on the right. The few translation errors are sometimes amusing:

    One of their most important representatives is Marilyn Milos , who in the film tells about when she, as a newly baked midwife, for the first time in May 1979 witnessed a circumcision.

    Several men tell about how they invented small manicures that are put on the penis to pull up the foreskin that is left - slowly but surely up over the donkey.

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  • 2018-12-22 Swedish journalist does extensive write-up on American Circumcision documentary