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Belgian urologist speaks out on national TV against circumcision

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  • Belgian urologist speaks out on national TV against circumcision

    A few days ago, one of the most famous urologists in Belgium spoke out on the news against infant circumcision when being interviewed about his book on the penis that is to appear shortly. He explained and illustrated what happens during circumcision and clearly stated how much skin is removed and how that irreversibly removes nerve endings and also results in reduced glans sensitivity. He also outlined that this can severely alter sexuality and that it can cause many sexual problems. He also mentioned that penile medical problems are more frequent in circumcised men than in uncircumcised men. He didn’t go as far as suggesting a ban on infant circumcision, but I believe this is mainly due to political correctness.

    I was very glad to finally hear somebody making such strong statement on the subject as it is rarely debated in Belgium. At the same time, it’s an extra stimulus for me to continue working on my e-book on circumcision and foreskin restoration, which is also intended to spark the debate and maybe even to change policies. The book that will appear in a couple of days is about the penis and not strictly about the foreskin and circumcision. It’s apparently intended as a kind of “manual” to make people more aware of the penile functions and myths that do exist about it. I’m very curious to start reading as soon as my copy arrives. Based on his scientific publications I was aware that he is opposed to infant circumcision, but it was nice to see that appear in all media. I also contacted him long time back about restoring and to discuss the possibility to publish a paper or book on the latter, but unfortunately I never got an answer. Maybe I’ll try again after I read the book.

    I’ll post more about the book if I come across more interesting things in there. For those interested in some of his work, you can search for Piet Hoebeke, a professor at Ghent University.
    My best advice to anyone is to KOT!

    Restarted restoring after a long break of about 12 years. Switched from multiple O-rings to the TLC-X tugger, and happy with the progress. https://foreskinrestoration.vbulleti...s-report-tlc-x