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Foreskin Movement and Mobility Video

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  • Foreskin Movement and Mobility Video

    While doing research on how the foreskin works, why it is so important, and what is savagely lost during circumcision I came across a video that is so much better than a written explanation or the animations that I have found so far.

    For those interested, I believe this demonstrates very clearly what is lost, and what we as restores are looking to achieve.

    Also, for those that need a visual reference for explaining to partners and loved ones or friends why we are doing what we are.

    I hope this helps anyone as much as it has myself.

    Please note:
    This link does go to a porn website, and does involve male ejaculation. The length of the video is 75 seconds. I pay much more attention to the foreskin movement more than anything else. I think the educational value of this video is worth the sites nature that it is on. If easily offended, please avoid.

    If the link does not work, simply copy and paste into your internet address bar

    I have put this here after getting Ron Lows direction on where to put this under the same topic in the General Restoration Discussion

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    - The video proves that even when nothing touches the glans except the man's own skin tube, he can be stimulated to orgasm.

    - There is very little - if any - sliding friction between the skin tube and the sleeve it's penetrating. Most of what we see here is a frictionless massage of the shaft effected by the skin tube.

    - The stretching of the preputial sphincter over the glans, and the rolling-under of the frenular delta are doubtless responsible for most of pleasurable sensations. I think it helps to the glans as a scaffold for the stimulation of the foreskin.
    -Ron Low
    847 414-1692 Chicago