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2019-06-07 Intactivist Karaoke in Indianapolis

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  • 2019-06-07 Intactivist Karaoke in Indianapolis

    I should probably learn new song.

    Here's me singing Born Intact again at The Monkey's Tale.

    If that link doesn't work cause your FB status isn't right, you can try just looking at my FB profile:

    Sing along:

    Every day a perfect baby is born
    His parents' little bundle of joy
    By night-fall butchers line up to cut him
    And make him less of a boy
    Strapped to a circumstraint peeling his tender glans
    Crushing his frenulum, sending him home
    With a scar
    That baby's cries could rip the heart from your chest
    But it's not a done deal. We need to do our best
    We gotta save what he'll never get back
    'Cause he's just like us,
    Babies are all born intact

    Welcome gentlemen. Thanks for having me in
    I need to tell you a troubling story
    You were just hours old when they strapped you down
    And sliced away half your glory
    Together we can get some of it back
    It's gonna take some work, but you really can
    Restore some slack
    Will you share your success with the world?
    'Cause babies could be saved if more men knew their burden
    And how empty being circumcised feels
    The need to know slack is wild, and
    They need to hear you share your zeal

    In bamboo huts and in hospitals
    Babies scream for protection from harm
    Girls who've never seen a foreskin still say
    Intact boys are cause for alarm
    They still sell stolen skins by the piece or the pound
    So the butchers are still getting rich
    We've gotta shout it out and march in the streets
    Until mutilation no longer exists

    The information super-highway
    Is getting flooded with the truth
    We're getting out the word every day and night
    To save tomorrow's youth
    Together people we can conquer the madness
    We'll be dancing with joy when they ban this
    Evil scourge
    Someday we'll all have left this earth
    A better place than we found it
    By answering the urge to care for all human kind
    So shout it: just like us
    Babies are all born just fine
    -Ron Low
    [email protected]
    847 414-1692 Chicago

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    Here's a different way of linking to the karaoke performance, in case that other way goes obsolete:
    -Ron Low
    [email protected]
    847 414-1692 Chicago