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MANHOOD (Comedy Show) creator Tom Rosenthal on BALANCE Podcast

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  • MANHOOD (Comedy Show) creator Tom Rosenthal on BALANCE Podcast

    {This posting is about MANHOOD, a one-man show about the absurdity and tragedy of forced genital cutting. (It is not about a silky protective protective penis sheath developed by Randy Tymkin). }

    Comic/actor Tom Rosenthal's appearance on the BALANCE podcast really lifted my spirits. For one thing, he's a funny guy. But also, he's really passionate about ending forced genital cutting and he seems determined to get his show MANHOOD to wider audiences. I had been hoping for some confirmation that he wasn't just going to move on to some other project.

    Hear the episode:

    Buy tickets to the hilarious one-man show:
    -Ron Low
    [email protected]
    847 414-1692 Chicago

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    For some reason, that first link only lets you play the podcast but not download it - which was the entire purpose of podcasts when they were invented. Instead, go here: and scroll down to episode 84; there's a Download link that gives you the mp3 file.

    Note that this episode of BALANCE is from 2/27/20, so the tour would have been whatever Tom had been planning before COVID struck and canceled everybody's plans. Tom's website shows that he's currently planning for a festival in Edinburgh in late August of 2022, but it might not be the same material {admin: it's the same MANHOOD show, with whatever improvements might have materialized.}