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Emergency on Tally's Board - Hope We Can Save a Foreskin From Amputation!

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  • Emergency on Tally's Board - Hope We Can Save a Foreskin From Amputation!

    On Tally's board, a member did a post about visitinig a nude beach, and meeting a guy with a long foreskin, and the guy was planning to have it cut off because he felt it was interfering with his sexual pleasure.

    Here's the link, for those who are members of Tally's board:

    And, if anyone here knows the answer to the question, and is not a member of Tally's board, I'd hope you might feel strongly enough to join Tally's board, and post what you know.

    Basically, my response was that before the intact guy does something that he might regret, he should try having sex with his glans bare.

    Sometime back, possibly years ago? I read a story told by an intact man who liked having a foreskin, and appreciated the role it played in having intercourse.

    But, the man said that there were some occasions when he liked to have sex with his glans bare, and he used some kind of device to keep his foreskin retracted while he had sex.

    The problem is, that I cannot remember just exactly what that device the man used is called, so I can't refer the poster on Tally's board to a sex aids catalog selling it.

    I do not think the man used a plain, ordianry cock ring.

    I've done a net search to try to find what that foreskin retraction device is called, and who sells it, and, it is extremely hard to come up with the right word, words, or combination of words to get any results.

    It could well be that the story I read was on Tally's board, or possibly here on Ron's old board, and I might even come across it while surfing the remaining poss on the Way Back Machne.