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    So I've been restoring since July of this year and I'm not very happy with the progress that I have seen. Seems as though I have gained more scrotal skin than I have shaft skin. My question is should I trap the skin at the very top of the tugger body or should I leave a good about of space? Just wondering if that is the reason. I currently pull as much skin as I can up onto the body and trap it at the very very top.

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    This is what happens at the beginning just tension and grow MORE skin, - eventually - the scrotal skin will appear to recede as the shaft tube grows.
    Remember this a long process,


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      If you mean how much skin should be trapped in the gripper, and you prefer growing skin near the glans, rather than nearer your scrotum, then yes, trap as little skin as possible. It doesn't matter how much extra space is inside the gripper, as long as the gripper stays in place.


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        I have only been at this for less than 3 weeks but I have found trapping less skin can be painful.


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          This is true. More skin trapped spreads out the force more. I think the ideal amount is to have about 1/4" of space at the end of the device body.


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            Marcus and Brad - There can be some experimentation needed when using the standard methods and devices of foreskin restoration. And we all need our penises for other functions.
            You will probably have to tolerate some discomfort during part of your tugging sessions. Do not tolerate pain or damage.
            It's a good idea if you keep a bit of a record of your own settings and findings.
            Best wishes

            Some of you may have had occasion to run into mathematicians and to wonder therefore how they got that way - Tom Lehrer