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Bringing up circumcision in my class

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  • Bringing up circumcision in my class

    I sent my sociology teacher an email asking if she would please discuss circumcision in class. She said that I made good points in my email to her, and that she'd "definitely bring the topic up when we discuss cognitive/belief deviance", and thanked me for "bringing attention to this important issue"

    I'm not sure how many of my classmates are opposed to circumcision, but this is a great way to start a dialogue.

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    You're lucky your teacher is a female. A male would most ikely be cut and not even entertain the idea. I guess you'll find out just who is for and against the practice. Hopefully those against it can be made to see the light. You should see if the teacher can play Elephant in the Hospital for the class. It is after all done in a lecture hall format.
    Good for you, man. It takes balls to do this.


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      We just did a group presentation on doctor-related deviance. I brought up the article by Paul Tinari, the idea that parents agree to circumcisions because people trust doctors and the AAP, something about how the main factor in whether a boy will be cut is the status of his dad and doctor, and "foreskin stem cells are used in anti-aging products". The last one got some nervous laughter. All in all, I think these will spark discussion(s). I was sweating while I talked, but proud after. Activism feels good.


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        Awesome dude!


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          I've brought up circumcision and foreskin restoration to hundreds of men over a ten year period. Note one ever decided to do it - not one. I've come to realize that there was never a more "dead on arrival" topic than foreskin restoration. People are incapable of understanding.

          Women have been suprisingly receptive though.