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NOCIRC Chapter Closing, FFS Materials: Literature, Pamphlet Stands, Vinyl Sign

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  • NOCIRC Chapter Closing, FFS Materials: Literature, Pamphlet Stands, Vinyl Sign

    I hope an admin will let me know if this isn't the best forum for this post, but I didn't see a more appropriate one. Our local NOCIRC chapter has unfortunately become inactive and we would like to send off the rest of our materials and literature to a group (not necessarily NOCIRC) who could use them. Willing to split things into 2-3 different lots. No count on each piece of literature, but I can give a general idea of how much there is. Everything free, just pay shipping cost. Each link goes to a photo in a Google photos album, sorry I didn't know a better way to post the pics.

    vinyl sign about 2'x6'

    sample of literature including a few bumper stickers, different cards and pamphlets

    box of card 1 & NOCIRC pamphlets #3&4 (There is also a priority mail box full of NOCIRC pamphlet 3 and another full of pamphlet 4.)
    box of card 1

    Card 1 front
    card 1 back

    card 2 front (only have small stack of these)
    card 2 back

    card 3 front (about 1" stack of these)
    card 3 back

    10 pamphlet stands, 1 biz card stand

    I'll check back here after about a week and see if I have responses and how I might could split things up. Like I said, just pay shipping cost via Paypal.

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    Couple hundred dollars worth of materials here. I don't want to just throw it out. If anyone has suggestions for another website where I might try, please comment or message.


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      I will happily accept everything but the vinyl banner. Please ship UPS Ground. You can contact me by email to get my shipping address and send me PayPal information.


      Norm Cohen
      NOCIRC of Michigan, Inc.

      Norm Cohen


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        The banner might no longer be useful, since Marilyn has retired the name NOCIRC in favor of Genital Autonomy America. I guess you could consider it an artifact of the intactivist movement's history now… or see if anyone's keeping a library of these things.